We all know the unfortunate afternoon four months ago when The Butter Factory KL announced that its premises will no longer be in operations. But fret not – as a new establishment swings open its doors in style.

Enter: Prodigy KL. 



I have personally partied it up at The Butter Factory a handful of times, but last Friday was my first visit to Prodigy KL ever since its latest, much anticipated inception.

Thanks to Manoah and Prodigy KL for the party invite and for sponsoring us two bottles of Absolut Vodka and Chivas Regal! Wink


Arriving Prodigy KL.


Pretty keen to experience a new and improved clubbing experience here – ready to see how my night went? 😀

I arrived at the all too familiar building opposite Pavilion KL some time a little past 11PM. The ambassadors and bouncers at the entrance were a nice bunch of people; friendly and accommodating when they signed my plus one and I into the guestlist.


The facade.


As I entered the dance club, it was reasonably crowded – seeing that the clock had not even struck midnight yet.

I headed straight to my table where the rest of my fellow blogger mates were and turned my party-mode on for the night. (Not like it isn’t left switched on all the time. Haha!) Laughing



The party was, as the night promised, a fist-pumping experience. Ha Ha

Every Friday, Prodigy KL presents Filth Fortune!



Filth Fortune proved nothing short of the fist-pumping music, filthy beats, epic basslines and intense drops for its partygoers’ clubbing pleasure. Cool

Dishing out the best from both the EDM world and commercial hits, resident DJ EDZ made us go wild all night long!


Credits to Ryan for some of our party photos!







The night was indeed a stellar one with my partymates and buddies! Big Smile

We liked the spaciousness and high ceilings of Prodigy KL as compared to other clubs we usually frequent i.e Zouk Club KL or PLAY @ The Roof, which in contrast, are more often than not, very stuffy and packed like a can of sardines.

To be entirely honest, half the night will be spent elbowing my way through the throngs of people! Yell (But I still always manage to enjoy myself there regardless LOL)



Of course, the intensity of the jostling crowd plays a huge part in determining the comfort/discomfort level of the night.

But generally, Prodigy KL has a much better breathing space despite the swarming amount of partygoers.



I’d definitely party it up at Prodigy KL again on the nights I feel like having a change of environment in lieu of my usual favourite Zouk haunt. Kiss

Needless to say, I would recommend Prodigy KL to anyone who wants an alternative to the other more popular clubs.



The lightshow and laser beams were also comparable – if not even better!

What really impressed me was the scorching pyrotechnics which burst out several times throughout the night.



As the night descended, the pace of the set began to change and the genre started to lean a little away from the commercial mainstream club music.

It gradually transitioned to an incline towards progressive house, a little trance, big room and electro house tracks. Nothing too underground or niche – so it’s perfect for the consumption of all types of party music lovers. Smile



Personally, I enjoyed myself very much! Ha Ha

Despite being an EDM purist and a hardcore raver, I thought the set was brilliant with just the right balance and combination of songs (including mainstream ones!) for a party night at a club.

This way, everyone can enjoy themselves!







I went especially off the hook and bounced to the skies when my favourite tracks began to play. Close friends and my regular partymates know how I’m like when I’m partying to good music. Up up up and awaaay!

In other words, I lose my soul in the heart of the rave. I Surrender!



To my best memory of the night, the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Blasterjaxx, Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, David Guetta, W&W, Tiesto, Krewella, Zedd, Showtek, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and a few more were blasting all night long.

I can’t quite remember the rest as the drinks and all those shots started to kick in… hard.

P/S: That remix of John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ really set the mood for a little romance. *wink*





The crowd went ballistic and the night was certainly all out!

There were hardly anyone sitting sedentary, but instead, heaps of people congregating on the dance floor for what I would recognize as a beehive of activity and a spectrum of vigor.




I was dancing like an energizer bunny tripping on acid LOL.

Candid shot from the back by whoever that was safekeeping my camera at that moment. Thanks! Tongue Out



The club was bursting with racing levels of energy and endless flow of drinks.

We all know that this can only be a trajectory to an insane night and a mad hangover the morning after! *hic*






Much to our surprise, we stayed all the way to the very last song and till the lights came on.

Yup, the night was THAT good. But I owe it all to my fellow party people of the night too.

What’s a good party without awesome company, eh? Big Boss


That just about sums up Friday night at Prodigy KL. My weekend workout – check!



For more information on Prodigy KL, get connected with them!

Contact them at this number: 03-2141 9998

Log on to their official website at: www.ProdigyKL.com

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Or drop by at this address:

No. 1, Jalan Kia Peng
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Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 10pm – 3am.