Finally! In this very 1st entry, I would like to welcome all my dearest readers – be it new readers, occasional readers and also the loyal readers who have been with me since 2005.  Thank you all for reading, following my humble blog and watching my growth throughout the years.


Now and then

(is the header that you see different from the one in the picture above?

Hint : Refresh this page again!)


In fact, substantial plans of shifting to this new domain has been lying dormant in my mind for about a year. For personal reasons I will not elaborate (though I reckon long-time readers would already know), I have made up my mind to officially launch in 2010.



The old will always have to make way for new ones!

And after many months of setting up this site, configuring and basically getting everything done gradually from the beginning, I'm glad I managed to keep to my word of launching this right here right now 🙂 As promised! New blog domain but fear not, I'm the same ol' me. That girl who you've been reading all this while? Yup, she's still here



Congratulations, you've just achieved the red nirvana



But then again, I wouldn't have been able to do it all by myself, if it wasn't thanks to my awesomest webmaster Spinzer and designer FongMei who never failed to help me out so much along the way. Much gratitude and appreciation goes to them! Putting up with my crazy demands and specifications, kudos!



*big hugs & kisses*


We did it!



p/s Actually it's only 90% done. Beta stage yo! 🙂 We ain't done with some of the sidebar content yet, and the 'About Me' page is also 90% done. So  come back tomorrow! Then it'll be 100% done by then. woots! Can't wait already! *Squeee*


Meanwhile, CHANGE YOUR LINKS! You can now re-link me as


because I will no longer be using the previous domain

and subscribe to me



🙂 xoxo