Hi everyone! It’s the end of the week again and the start of a brand new week.

Been riding on an emotional turmoil lately, and I’ve been in low-spirits throughout the past seven days.

But let’s get on with this week’s edition of The Sunday Times regardless.


 Random emoface which so happened to suit the mood of this emo post LOL


And of course, I’ve got my machines to keep me company.

Cooking keeps me sane and my creative juices running when I craft new recipes.

A desperate need of antioxidants.


Kon took me out to eat one night. LOL Carls Junior in 1Utama – because we can.


Then we spotted this awesome looking skull bong from Kamelah Tobacco House in 1Utama.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Might just buy it!


I took a day leave off work and flew back to Penang for the weekend.

The weekend was pretty fulfilling.

 Spent quality time with daddykins.

We may have our vast differences, never see eye to eye and subscribe to direct opposite school of thoughts (conservative v/s liberal), but the only time we can actually have deep & meaningful conversations and relatively get along is when we are debating and discussing politics, history and world economics.

Secretly, I do appreciate these rare times.


Spent quality time with mom. My best friend, my confidante, my guide to everything in life.

We spent our time in Chili’s for a healthy lunch and went shopping thereafter.

She knows me really well! Like, duh. Aku kan anak die nih, kan?

Gluttony all over.

Spent time with dearest kakak too.


Threw mom & dad a birthday celebration at Flamingo Hotel by the beach, Penang.

Actually, this is a really useless photo.


I was planning all week to space out the number of Instagram photos I posted as I wanted to dedicate my 1000th photo to both my parents during the birthday celebration. It was already the night of their birthday and i was still at 998 photos!

So I just decided to post up that useless, vain photo above to make it 999 photos.

And finally………..


My 1000th photo on Instagram! Dedicated to mommy & daddy dearest.

Happy birthday you too! Full blog post coming soon!

Which reminds me… I haven’t blogged the 2 more episode of my birthday series yet. Bah!

Got to squeeze in a bit of time for some outdoor activity – hiking!


Attended and covered Emma Hewitt’s world tour concert at one of her stops – Penang!

More about that later but here are a few photos from the night.

 Emma Hewitt during her performance!

Supporting act Sean Tyas during his DJ set!

Thanks to the organizers, I managed to interview the both of them that night.

Full blog coverage: here

What a coincidence! Imagine the surprise on my face when us three, former classmates in KDU College

met by chance in the airport and took the same flight back to KL.


By the end of the week, it was home sweet home. But… yes, there is a but.

Evidently, my whole week went fine until… I started to feel a little emotional this week about a certain issue that had been at the back of my mind for a while now.

I realize that I seem to be falling behind all expectations set for me and the expectations I set for myself. I’m not giving my all; my 100%, my unwavering pursuit in certain aspects of life, character and career.

I find myself under-delivering what I am fully capable of. My full potential remains dormant; simply because I am either not motivated, not bothered to embrace new opportunities.

I am well-aware of this stagnancy, but why am I not doing anything about it to push my drive back on acceleration and catapult my zest to life back on track again?


Many a time I’ve let go of opportunities and fail to get into people’s good books all because of this lackadaisical phase. I attest my nonchalance and apathy to this current state of mind.

What’s wrong with me?

Worst is when I judge myself and for this lack of enthusiasm and poor, half-hearted attempt to life, I feel like I’ve reduced myself to an inefficient, incompetent moron. Thus, I feel that I’m not doing myself justice!

How is it fair to myself, the real me?

But I do not blame anyone at all. If I am worth 100% but only deliver and show the world 60% of my maximum capabilities, it’s only normal that people would assume that this 60% is all that I’ve got in me.

Looks like I’ve got to refocus, reshuffle my priorities and give my best in everything I do all over again. I simply can’t afford to let that burning fire in me die.


This photo I snapped of a forest spoke abundance of how I felt last night.

Couldn’t sleep at all. Just really upset with myself.

I want to run and hide amidst brambles and fallen boughs in the woods,

Where the hollow trees and thickets pose as my only escape.

Niggling wanders play in mind; disintegrating joy to its darkest hour,

It keeps me awake all dusk, perhaps, I may be too lost in my thoughts.

Disturbed I am, by the slightest thought of the unnerving and this shadow of a doubt.

And then I remember…

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.


Cuddletimes with my furkid.

Sometimes, when you feel like you don’t want to be surrounded by humans, he’s all I’ve got.

Goodnight. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day… or maybe I’m just being an emotional wreck for no good reason.

It’s probably just the time of the month. Women, pfffftt. I despise being one sometimes.



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