Hi lovelies!

It’s been a busy week. Apologies for the absence! Will try to blog more, really.

Looking at my pending posts stuck in my drafts is really beginning to depress me LOL.


Owe you peeps a few posts that you have been waiting for as well as the advertorials & reviews for my advertisers.

I know, I know! I’m sorry! Sigh. Juggling 3 jobs has its way of taking a toll on me.

Gotta learn how to balance everything yet include leisure time (actually I have close to none) and me-time (none of this as well).


Anyway, let’s begin The Sunday Times!

The start of my week wasn’t a typical black Monday at all, as you can see.


It’s the entire set of the Coca-Cola #shareMYcokelah collector’s series.

Impressive, no?


In fact, I opened my door at office and was greeted by a wonderful surprise parcel and a cheeky letter by Coca-Cola Malaysia.

Take a look:


Letter and package for a #lenglui (chewah, thank you ah! Shy only haha) on my desk.

More about this in a full blog post! 



Spotted this very adorable vintage car outside my office one day.

Can anyone distinguish its brand and model? This is the front shot.


While this is the shot of its back. It kinda reminds me of a go-kart!


Spent an afternoon at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre for a cosmetology & aesthetic talk.

They specialize in revolutionary treatments for wrinkles/aging and body contouring/fat reduction

Full blog post coming soon! 


The daily grind. Targeted the glutes and hammies on Tuesday. 


This week also marks the first time I attempted lifting 65kgs. 

A slight struggle, no doubt, but I managed to finish my set, at the very least.


Workouts with sweat buddy Crawford at gym on Wednesday!


Attended the launch of Adidas’ latest running shoes – BOOST.

Check out my bright pink Energy BOOST!

More about this in a full blog post. 


I’ve worn my new Energy BOOST to the gym plenty of times now – especially for running!

Loved it.


Decided to include some kettlebells and the bosu on Thursday.


Just some random shots on a Friday with a client at gym.

Guided her in today’s routine I made to effectively target her traps, delts and lats, as well as the abs.


This week’s meals consist of (but not limited to!) some of these I managed to take photos of:


Roasted veggies, steamed corn and organic wholewheat shells with herbs and spices!


Chicken (and vegetable!) soup for the soul.


Oven-baked salmon with onions and thyme with roasted veggies.


Had so much fun in my kitchen one night. Baked a 100% clean chocolate brownie!

Not bad for a first time, but my recipe could use a little extra tweaking for perfection.


Just sharing a random discovery. While I was cleaning off my chipped Merdeka themed nail polish,

I was amused when my cotton pad looked like this! I made a rainbow without even realizing!


Oh speaking of amusement, here’s something for your amusement.

I went for a karaoke session and somehow decided to Keek this. Don’t judge.

I can’t sing to save my life, till a point that I believe a bunny dies somewhere in the world the moment I open my mouth to sing. But hey, it’s Greenday and I love them to bits.

So brace your ears for the worst bathroom singer on planet earth, because I’m going to rock out for 36 seconds with my favorite song from Greenday regardless.

Sep 9, 2013 | Can’t #sing to save my life. When I do, a bunny dies. But I love #Greenday so rocking out anyway. Sorry bunny! by imthejessicat on Keek.com


Another random thing worthy of amusement was one night on Viber with mom. 

I never noticed that there was a ‘doodle’ function on Viber until mom sent me this one night:


I was like – ????  What on earth is this?

Mom: I was bored and stuck in traffic jam.


I swear, this is the first time in forever that I saw ANY form of art from her.

Nice, right? So cute for a freehand doodle just a finger on a touch screen. 

I think the last time I saw her drawing was when she made me a card for my 12th birthday.


So in response, I decided to draw her something back.


Just a logo of her former office.


And she responded to my doodle with a doodle of her current office.


All of a sudden, she drew the logo of my office!

LOL I found his extremely hilarious. What does this look like? Cockroach legs?

So I responded with drawing the actual logo of my office.


Quite a failed version of it, though LOL.

She said it looks like a demon’s child. 


Then I drew the logo of the pub that daddy used to own.


And the logo of my aunt’s workplace.


Unabashed by our horrendous doodle art, we continued the “conversation” with doodles and more doodles.

She then asked me what I thought of Proton’s new Suprima S. I thought it was cute.


So I drew this.

She asked me why I drew a bus. I hate her FML 


Speaking of mother-daughter conversations, I don’t quite understand the surge of mother and baby photos that are permeating my Facebook and Instagram timeline lately.

Okay, allow me to rephrase. I don’t understand motherhood and I’ll never understand it (for now). Not passing any judgements here but merely asking an honest question. You are old enough to begin university – and you have a child? 


Wow. I can’t possibly do that when life actually begins in university, for me.

P/S: Random photo of my mom’s dress that she used to wear in her twenties that I’m wearing today.

How do you suppose you can take responsibility and commit your all to another being when you should be fully committing yourself to yourself as you hit your 20s? You can?  Okay… maybe that’s just my opinion then.

Anyway, motherhood can wait – I’m all out to take on the world!


But you, my precious… is the closest thing I have to an actual child for now.


Oh and here’s what took up most of my week.

For 3-4 whole nights in a row, bestiePam and I stayed up to handle all the preparations for Fashion Market by Fashion Salad, a fashion bazaar that I took part in.



So we took the chance to sell of all ours (and our guy friends’) clothes, accessories, shoes and other things that we collected since last year!  More about the bazaar later in another blog post but here are the photos I posted live on Instagram during the bazaar!


With my fashion bazaar partners for the day, Pam and Kon!

Our store was called Jukebox Jumble – a random name that we came up with the night before.

More photos!


The sale went well. But we’re not stopping there, as a lot of you have told me that you guys couldn’t make it that afternoon.

So I thought of continuing this online. After all, it’s heaps easier for you to browse from wherever you are.


Since we still have so much stocks left to be sold, as the crowd was not that good last Sunday!


For those of you who came, thank you!


I had fun during the bazaar.

It was tiring as heck though, as I was up from 8.30am and only left the venue at 7pm. There was so much to do! But being my first time being a vendor at a fashion bazaar, instead of being the customer this time round has taught me a lot.

Will share more later ya! 


Apart from selling, I also bought myself an adorable black cat handbag.

Yes I’m a crazy cat lady. Cos it resembles my furkid so much!


And this one, is for all his fans out there. The little darling we all love is sitting on my lap as we speak.


Hello ladies. Checking me out or something? 

“If you think I’m cute, you should see my mom!”



Have a fantastic week ahead, everyone! Oh and if you haven’t gotten your weekend planned yet, you might wanna drop by Zouk Club KL for a mad raving time with some progressive and uplifting trance night ahead as that’s where the party’s at!


Fired Up Friday’s 2nd Anniversary will be featuring British singer-songwriter Richard Bedford (LIVE). If you don’t know him, I bet you certainly know his voice. He is the trance vocalist we know and love for Above & Beyond and Armin Van Buuren!

Catch him, along with our local trance heroes, DJ Fono, Samuel Dan (of TRIMIX) and Mister Ariffin who will be supporting the night as our opening acts!

See ya there, fellow trancefamily members. 



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