Yes, I am late. Again. Don’t chide me!

I reckon I should really prepare my The Sunday Times entries on Friday or Saturday so that I needn’t have to be so tardy in posting up an article reserved for Sunday on a Thursday, like today LOL.


Random selfie. Hi!


So my Saturday and Sunday was spent in bed.

No, not even joking. My Merdeka weekend was eventful and pretty wicked, if I remember it at all.


 Spent my entire weekend detoxifying and relaxing in bed as the dreadful hangover wouldn’t go away!


Preparing for Merdeka and proudly displaying our Jalur Gemilang all August


When the eve of Merdeka loomed nearer, I whipped out my nail polish bottles.

Recognize the colours?  You better do!


 After painting my nails I decked out in all colours of the Malaysian flag as my outfit of the night!

By the way, a lot of you always ask me where I buy my clothes and outfits and sometimes I state where I buy them

but sometimes I forget. Apologies! If I forget, feel free to ask me yourself, yeah?


But here’s an idea. If you like to play dress up and doll up fashionably as well, you can always get dressed in gorgeous outfits by Zalora Malaysia. It’s on online shopping portal that houses many stylish brands for girls (as well as guys!) for clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and more.

Some of my favorite shopping hauls are from there as well! Go check them out at 

Anyway, I headed to three parties with my buddies to celebrate Merdeka. Here’s a short preview for now!

Full post on my Merdeka celebrations are scheduled to be published on Malaysia Day.


 First stop – Silent Discotek’s Silent Disco Deck party at Acme Bar & Coffee!

More about this in the full blog post 


My buddies and I watched the countdown there. It was fabulous and lasted for some 7 minutes!


 Second stop – Asahi Superdry AllSTAR Tour at The Butter Factory!

The party was off the hook. The music was bangin’ and our VIP treatment was amazeballs.

 Third stop – Ummm. Let’s just say, it ended sky HIGH.

Yep… we were practically flying. With good vibes of course… what did you think? 


All that wicked and nasty partying made me all namby pamby milk and water at the end of the day.

Heck, we hardly slept a wink at all until the morning light!

 That was when I had an epiphany. 

It is already 56th year of independence already and what have we done for our country?

Got a little lost in my thoughts thus I wrote all about it in the previous blog post here


So that was basically how my weekend ended. Vicious partying in the city and lying in bed.

How’s that for a start contrast? Hahaha.


Anyway, the rest of my week went amazingly great as well.

Here’s a recap!


 Received a gorgeous bikini at my doorstep by beach wear brand Siren by Rosalyn.

Check them out! Hmm.. might do a full blog post for this if I can spare the time!



The daily grind at the gym. The day was chest & shoulder day!


A lot of you frequently ask me how I take my workout shots in the gym. Simple.

That’s what your gym mates are for, apart from spotting you on your last weight-training set. Most of them like to take candids of me when I work out so I figured hey, might as well use those photos. 

If I happen to be working out alone on that day, well… either skip the photos or there’s always such thing as a timer!


Some unglamorous shots at the gym. Admittedly, I usually get uncomfy when you peeps spot me

at the gym because I always look like I’ve been ran over by a truck when you say hi.


I know sometimes you’ll catch me fidgeting with my hair or trying to quickly wipe my sweat away.

Yes I do try to look my best but then again, who really looks good working out? No one.

But if you want to look extra good in gymwear, Zalora Malaysia has lots of kick-ass gym wear too.

 So go check them out!

So I hope you forgive me when I appear unfriendly or prefer to avoid conversation.

Here’s a stupid photo of me as a token of apology haha. 


Anyway, post-workout clean meal time!

Check out this week’s editions.


My monster smoothie (before blending)


 Baked a carrot & cauliflower ‘meatloaf’


 Made a hummus dip and had my wholemeal toast with it!


Loved it so much that I decided to make another batch!


Giant salad.


 Bought some extra spices so I decided to experiment on a popular favorite



Wholewheat cereal with strawberries, blueberries and cinnamon.

 Baked a thin crust salmon, mushroom and spinach quiche!


Yeah I basically live in the kitchen LOL. I’m one who you can catch forever eating LOL.

I just love my food too much haha!


All work and play makes Jack a dull boy.

So this week, I managed to squeeze some time for a bit of entertainment and fun!


 Got to sharpen my skills on the snooker table! 

Dang it’s been a while, was a tad rusty.


 Was also invited to TGV Cinema’s debut of its LOL comedy month and here

I am having my buffet dinner and chilling out at the Chill*X Zone.

Loved it! Short blog post for this soon? I think so too. 


I’m a little disappointed that most, if not all households, dorms, shopping malls, academic buildings, office buildings or community areas fail to have at least a nearby recycling bin.

When I was Australia, we recycled everything that could be recycled! It was a common practice for the locals to naturally put away recyclables in respective recycling bins and they even observe this at home. It’s that easy.


Did my part for the environment when I made my usual monthly rounds at the Recycling Centre.


Kenapa demikian?? Habislah jika semua barang-barang yang boleh dikitar semula makin dibuang sebagai sampah sarap pulak.

Where’s your civic consciousness and your responsibility towards the environment?

No, it’s not too much effort to rinse your glass bottles, plastic containers or chuck your cardboard boxes and newspaper into a separate bin for recycling.


Just do it, please. I implore you! Do you know how much of a difference you can make if you instil this habit into yourself and your children, or even the friends around you?


So please, let’s join hands to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Ending this post with some pictures of my lovey-dovey time with my furkid, babyChivas.


He’s such a darling. Irritates the living daylight out of me sometimes

by scratching my shoe boxes but still, a darling nonetheless.


 Have a great week ahead everyone!


Oh! Before I go, I’d like to quickly mention that I will be participating this this instalment of Fashion Market by Fashion Salad! It is a fashion bazaar and yes, I will be having a booth there with bestiePam!

We’ve been so busy lately folding up the clothes, making price tags for them, separating each item into its category by boxes, making signboards, creating the inventories and more. Everything ranges from RM5-RM30!

Do come support! I’m sure you’ll find something nice for yourself 



Lots and lots of things up for sale, both brand new and pre-loved from a variety of high street brands. This includes babytees, tanks, tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, long pants, office wear, jackets, blazers, shoes, bags, make up, accessories. And for the boys, t-shirts, shirts, tanks, 3 quarter pants, slacks, jeans, pants, caps, bags, hoodies, gadget stuff and a lot more.

 Fashion Salad will be held this Sunday (11am-6pm) at Square Dotz cafe in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

Do come! I can’t wait to see all of you!



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