For as long as I’ve lived and even after discovering make-up and aesthetic treatments for the very first time as a teen, I’ve never been quite the beauty-conscious girly girl.

But when I was offered to experience eyelash extensions by Pink Passion, I decided… hey, why not?


Everything is worth a try, after all.


Unlike some of my girl friends, I’ve never really had an issue with my eyelashes.

I guess I am born with relatively long and a somewhat full set of natural eyelashes. I initially didn’t think it was necessary to get any form of eyelash extensions but in the end, I figured that I wanted to see how much of a difference it would make.

Thus, I ended up in their pretty pink outlet in Aman Suria one weekend.


The owner, Maggie and I.

 I was pretty excited to enter the room, but she stopped me just in time as she needed to ask me a

few questions about my lifestyle and discuss what kind of eyelashes would best suit my daily life.


I was set on leaving everything to their best discretion, as they are the trained professionals after all.

But being the true professionals they are, they still gave me a quick consultation

and we decided on the ‘Sexy Look’.


Before I begin with the review, I’d like to warn you peeps that you will probably be seeing unsightly photos of me during the session as they are all mostly close-up shots of my face and unfortunately, I’m not blessed with a beautiful complexion.
So there. Don’t judge 🙁


 We’re good to go! Let the one hour session begin.


It is wise not to go with any eye make-up on as it might hinder your beautician’s judgement.
You want her to accurately estimate where your eyelashes are and to do a perfect job, right? Then skip the eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara on your appointment day.


 I lied down on the bed and waited for the next instruction.


My beautician, Rainie, first cut some surgical tape and placed it under my eyes.

This is to ensure she has a base to work on and not leave smudges or glue stains on your skin.


The tools of trade: black adhesive glue and the individual eyelash for natural results


 Look how she intricately affixes them with glue on your original eyelashes!

Do not be intimidated by the tweezers and other instruments used.


The entire eyelash extension procedure is pain-free. That’s right… zero pain.

Unless you’re silly enough to open your eyes and move around erratically mid-session.


 We’re halfway through the first eye.

Look at how precise each individual eyelash has been glued to the base of my original eyelash?

Such perfection.


After half an hour, my left eye is done!


Check out the vast difference between my original eyelashes (right) VS the eyelash extensions (left)?


 Wow. Despite having eyelashes I can’t complain about,

those extended eyelashes really impressed me! I loved it already.


 Here we go for the second eye!

My right eye was feeling somewhat jealous of how pretty its left counterpart was.


 Rainie professionally concentrating on her trade.

Don’t ask me why I have my fingers covering my nose. Maybe I was yawning or about to sneeze?


Here’s another close up so you can see exactly how naturally beautiful

these eyelash extensions are from all angles.


Before I knew it, another half an hour was up and we were finished with the session!

She had me lay down on the bed for a little while longer to ensure all the glue was fully dried.


I couldn’t wait any longer. Shot taken while I was still on the bed. I loved it so much!
It’s like having permanent falsies on, except you don’t have to glue them on by yourself every night.

Or morning.

Or if you feel like looking extra girly or pretty.

Or whenever you feel like actually having eyelashes to flutter.


LOL that was harsh.

But it’s okay, I feel the same way about my previous eyelashes now.

With these eyelash extensions on, I felt like I’ve never had any eyelashes in the first place too haha.

Resting on the comfy couches in the waiting area while having a post-eyelash

extension chat with Maggie and the other beauticians.


 Since Maggie had eyelash extensions on too, I thought it’d be nice to show hers off too.

Ours are different. Like I mentioned above, everyone’s eyelash extensions are tailored individually.


 My new eyelash extensions courtesy of Pink Passion!


Random shot in the train because I just loved my new eyelashes so much!


I can look extra nice effortlessly now, without having to have sticky fingers or waste an extra 15-20 minutes of my time putting on falsies. And mascara? Don’t even go there.

I despise mascara. It is so bothersome to remove! Most of the time I’d go with falsies.

But with these new eyelashes, I can skip both!


 On a normal day out running errands.

I used to not leave my house without eyeliner but after having these

eyelash extensions, they double as an illusion of eyeliner.

I’ve not touched an eyeliner since.

Fine I did. But only at night events and parties, for a more dramatic look.


It doesn’t even bother me at the gym! 🙂

I like how it makes me look a little prettier when I’m dead beat and zombie looking while working out.

I honestly never knew I would love my new eyelash extensions to this extent!

They are so pretty and I don’t think I can get used to how I look without them on anymore.

Check out the before and after:



Nothing wrong with my eyes, just very plain and bare.



I just love how it brightens my look and make me look so much livelier!


Admittedly though, I’ll be honest. It took me a few days to get used to it after my first day.

I was told to be gentle with it and not tug or yank it out by accident. At first, I was terrified.

I was so afraid having it fall out or that it would hurt me if I pull it. And especially the tons and tons of people warning me that my original eyelashes will drop off with the eyelash extensions.

Today, after more than two months of having these eyelash extensions on me, I can tell you one thing.



 Look how two sections of my eyelash extensions fell out after I accientally

pulled it out with a cotton pad while wiping my eye in the dark LOL

You can clearly see that my original eyelashes were unaffected.


I’m going to debunk these myths. Listen up.

1. They won’t fall out even if you wash your face or sleep facing your pillow.

2. It doesn’t hurt. AT ALL.

3. You can sit in the sauna. (I do this every alternate days)

4. It doesn’t fall off if you involve yourself in an active lifestyle (I workout every day, I swim, I hike, I sweat buckets)

…and last but not least:


When my eyelash extensions fell of little by little naturally, my original eyelashes were still 100% intact.

And even if they fall off naturally and you want them back, Pink Passion offers you a free touch-up session.


 After the touch-up by another beautician, Hui San.


This time round, since I’m already very used to having them on, Maggie recommended

me the ‘Double Layer’ eyelash extensions for a longer lasting  effect.


 It’s a lot more obvious now this time round!


 View from the top.

Shoot me any questions in the comment section below if you want to know anything else.


Like it? Go for it! 😀 You can have them too.

I’d fully recommend Pink Passion for eyelash extensions as they’re mighty professional!


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