So this is it, eh? The final week of the year 2012.


The beginning of the week was a rather quiet one. 

Spent the time alternating back and forth with my family in Ipoh and Penang!


Did some hiking up Bukit Bangkong in Tanah Hitam

Nature at its best 


As Christmas eve & Christmas day has always been a family affair, I spent it with my family! 

Christmas 2012 blog post – here


The Christmas cake that mom decorated 


Played host again. Took my Aussiemate, Shane, around Georgetown, Penang!

Since he was craving to try some of Penang's best Nasi Kandar, where else would I take him but Nasi Kandar Line Clear along Penang Road? ;)


Shane & I at Nasi Kandar Line Clear (with the mamak guy)


They had Nasi Briyani! I was over the moon.

Usually, I wouldn't eat Nasi Kandar because I don't eat white rice. But since Nasi Briyani was an alternative, I jumped straight for a nice steamy hot plate of Nasi Kandar with some chicken 


As Konzy and Shane included 2 Giant Tiger Prawns (a specialty of the store!) each, as well as chicken & vegetables in their Nasi Kandar, their bill came up to almost RM30! Mine was only RM8 LOL


My night was spent at Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine, a lavish, posh fine-dining restaurant above the sea at QE II (Queen Elizabeth II) :)


Lovely! It was splashed with several, varied influences from around the world! :D


Chin's serves authentic Sze Chuan, Hunan, Mongolian and Northern Beijing cuisine, but it is certainly not your typical Chinese restaurant, as you can probably tell by the ambience and modern interior design

I'm can't wait to share this place with you, (especially my Chinese readers!) as I will be reviewing Chin's CNY menu, perfect for reunion dinners.


Amazing hand-painted ceramic plates on all the dining tables of Chin's! 


I caught up with some friends over a delightful herbal tea – Fairy Blossom – to be exact. 


It was smoky and had a light floral taste to it. 

Perfect alternative to some of the more commercial types of tea that we see almost everywhere.


After a wonderful week in Penang & Ipoh, it was time to head back to the big city.

I invited mom & kakak to stay with me in KL for the weekend 


As mom has always wanted to visit the i-City in Shah Alam for herself and kakak had always dreamed of sight-seeing KL city, especially the Petronas Twin Towers + KL Tower, I decided that I was going to make it happen for them 


Kakak & I were overlooking the entire KL city + its suburbs on the observation deck of KL Tower 


She was thrilled, completely dumbfounded and left in awe by how KL city looks from up above

No words could describe the joy on my face, upon seeing her euphoric gestures and expressions.


A lil selca-time while she enthuses over the sights of KL with the built-in binoculars


Clearly, I love her very much. My Indonesian maid who has been with me for 20 years.

Over two decades, she has become like another mother of mine and she deserved this weekend among everything else in my capacity to make her happy.

My actual mother, on the other hand, has often expressed her fascination of i-City and how she would love to be there in person to admire the wondrous lights with her very own eyes.


And her wish was my command 

She was mesmerized by the ethereal neon, laser and LED lights surrounding i-City


A full day was spent with them, bringing them around like tourists haha!

The very next day, I took them to the PETRONAS Twin Towers for lunch and some more sight-seeing.


KLCC bracing the storm clouds looming around the city


We decided to eat at the Signature Food Court at Suria KLCC as it had heaps more choices!

It was my first time dining there.


I had the Smoked Norweigian Salmon sandwich with alfafa sprouts and hardboiled egg

and a marble cheesecake.


The former was delicious and hearty but the latter was rather dry and had an unpleasant crumbly texture.

Photo-taking of the twin-towers soon ensured & they went back to Penang soon after.


Today was a rather relaxed Sunday with Konzy!


Dinner at Sakae Sushi


We spent the afternoon running some errands, shopping, reading, eating kebabs, doing groceries, getting a massage, listening to live band/live vocal music, sipping on chocolate drinks at The Obroma Lounge & lots of talking 

Sounds like a typical lazy Sunday, ain't it?

(Photo taken whilst at i-City Shah Alam btw)


Oh and.. my seven days included my latest craze over the adorable Mon Shu girl by Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura's Holiday 2012 collection.

Amazing how two giants in the fashion & beauty world collaborate to produce this dark, iconic, illustrated girl


Mon Shu and I. 


2012's coming to an end. Have you done up your new year resolutions yet?


I've already started on some of them! :D 

Don't need to wait for a new year to embark on personal goals & reforming habits!



Have a great end to 2012 and welcome 2013 with open arms! 

I'd like to share an original quote of mine which goes, "Don't fret the future, live for the moment and never look back". How true is that? :D


I've lived by this principle ever since I've got it inscribed onto my body. It made me a more carefree person in life.

Maybe it will help you too?


Much love,




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