I actually wrote this on the plane but for some reason, it didn’t get published before I flew off to Jakarta!

So this is practically last week’s edition, yeah?


Ohai! Random selfie.


Ohai! Random kittycat in my room.


The week’s been good. Just extremely stressed chasing ridiculous deadlines and juggling more than I could possibly chew.

Remind me never to work 4 jobs at one go again or take on heavy projects that drains a gargantuan amount of my time, energy, effort, focus AND SLEEP. Yes, I’ve been sleep deprived for the past few days. Bleh.

Been a total train wreck but hey, I still squeezed enough time to leap out of my hideous zombie-mode and head out to town. Laughing 


Dressed up // Dolled up

Guess what’s in store for the day?


It was TwestivalKL 2013! Back after a one year hiatus, KL Malaysia hosts our edition of Twestival again for social good.

Did you know that Twestival is the largest grassroots social media fundraising initiative in the world? Well now you do.



The day was fun-filled with activities and performances!

Local celebrities sang and performed for us, auctions were being held on stage, live drawing/doodling stations, and more! Lots of TwestivalKL merchandise were being sold too. Cool


Our loot of the day, amongst many other freebies. Thanks for the Moleskin, Simon!

Politiko Malaysian Politics themed Moleskin mini notebook. Perfect for the journalist in me.


Here are some pictures of my fellow Tweeples and buddies! Ha Ha


My girl Anis and I


 New friends and old friends!

Where buddies reunite and catch ups ensue!


We managed to collectively raise more than RM30,000 for our main beneficiary – the less fortunate kids of Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Hulu Langat, a centre for children with special needs.

Social media done right – for social good and social causes! Cool


Had a great weekend. Back in office though,  it’s time for sleigh-bells to ring! The Yuletide season seemed to have arrived along with endless hours of Christmas songs. Wow. Festivities are on the high!


Christmas tree and the decorations are up at our front entrance!


Finishing up some video ads one rainy night.


Randomly, I’ve always been a Windows girl at heart. For some strange reason, I never had the affinity with Mac OS (despite being somewhat attracted to it). Surprised

Never like the idea of overpriced machinery with equal specs (or lower!) but with a higher price. What’s the sense in that? Also, consumerism and capitalism revolts me, but people still give in.

Admittedly, I do too, sometimes.


Recently performed an upgrade to my computer’s Operating System.

Now, I’m running on Windows 8.1 OS!


Windows can do a lot of things that a Mac can, sans the fancy half-bitten apple logo that weighs an exorbitant price tag to it.Undecided

Given that the Mac gadgets are definitely ‘trendier’, ‘cooler’ and more ‘artsy’, I do acknowledge that I am somehow drawn to its shiny surface and the image of it being a high-quality, high-powered and stylish looking piece of metal.



Best platform for design and creativity? Probably. Undecided But then again, this boils down to brand identity, marketing, and yes, deny as you may, it has come to be quite a status symbol.

The social stigma attached to it will always be evident.



Bottom line is, I still see no reason why I should switch to a Mac.

Entahlah, aku tidak begitu dilamun MAC namun tidak keberatan mencubanya pun.

Someone should poison me and show me the dark side. Impress me. Should I end up changing sides, you’re one good salesperson. Tongue Out



My processor and graphics card are godlike! I do both heavy video editing, photo editing and graphic designing on all my Windows laptops/computers.

I also have a RAM (memory) of 10GB and a dual hard disk capacity of 800GB in my current laptop.

That’s really all, if not more than, I need. Foot in Mouth


 Ironically enough, I have the iPhone, iPod and iTouch. Best of both worlds?

I guess this brings my argument down to a moot point then.Foot in Mouth


Okay enough tech talk. Pretty sure the Mac hipsters are shooting me the condescending look while the Windows folk are cheering me on. No offence to MAC users. If I had that extra money that I don’t mind spending on a cool and aesthetically pleasing computer, hey, I’d get one too.


I come in peace… and curiosityPray


Leaving the geekspeak on the table, let’s get a change of clothes and head to the gym!


My new gym pparel had just arrived from the USA! 

GymSavage’s range of fitness wear is just awesome.


 This is just one of the ones I got from GymSavage.

Will wear the other two when I hit the gym next, aight?


Spent some of my nights cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Clean eating is the way to go! A non-processed and ideal balance of healthy carbs, protein, healthy fat, fibre, water intake is vital for your body to function and look the way it should. And trust me, the effort shows. Wink



Only three of my fit food this week. Yes, I know I haven’t been religiously keeping to my clean diet, it’s quite a chore LOL. 

Kadang kala malas hendak membuka lagi komputer pun. Inginkan terus beristirahat sahaja sampai esok pagi. Undecided

Especially when all you want at the end of the day is a cuddle and a long slumber on your bed, the kitchen is the last thing on your mind.


And coffee, of course. But sometimes, even the coffee joints are too far away or aren’t open 24 hours.

Would someone deliver me coffee with a click of a mouse already? Yell


So yes, those are the three times this week when I can actually get my arse up and be actually bothered to make something. 



But hey! I discovered an excellent alternative now.

What happens when you don’t feel like cooking but don’t feel like eating out at the same time? No, you don’t stay at home and starve. You stay at home and log on to FoodPanda.my.



FoodPanda is an online food delivery service which allows you to browse all your favorite food & beverage stores and gets them delivered to you.
This is music to my ears – and appetite! I’ve just signed up and also downloaded their app (available for both Apple and Android), maybe you should too. Laughing 



Here’s to a better variety of food delivered right to your doorstep!

Hey, it’s better than having Pizza and McD delivery all the time. Not healthy! *glare* 

Now I can also get my insatiable need for coffee quenched! Starbucks or DOME coffee shall be delivered to me every morning from this point onwards woohooo! Cool

So yeah, check it out. Your growling tummy implores you too! It’s  WWW.FOODPANDA.MY


You’re welcome! Big Smile


Speaking of food, I’ve also spent an evening at one of my favorite restaurants in the air, Signature @The Roof.

Was there one Thursday night for a food review + menu shooting session.


Never really knew how I looked like whilst shooting so here are some candids yay! 


Busy busy busy.

It was a fun but rather tiring night. I was shooting dishes and dishes that arrived the table one after another! That fateful night was also a night when the skills of my powerful tongue were put to test. Uhmm….


WAIT – WHUTTTTT? What are you thinking?


See for yourself.


I tied a cherry stem into a knot with my mouth by using only my tongue! Laughing

Can you do that? *winks* This takes a lot of practise and a whole lot of cherries.


As a Style Advisor for GlassesOnline, I was given the 3.1 Philip Lim Chopper Grysm to decide on the fashion direction that would work best.

I’ll always be the punk rocker at heart. So what would best match these Choppers? Here’s the look I’ve directed –


Sometimes, I style looks that I wouldn’t personally wear (only because it probably doesn’t suit my individual style or personality), but this get-up is something I would actually find myself wearing to a music festival, for a casual sunny day out, or to a gig.

P/S: Been eyeing that Balenciaga for a while. But I told myself I have enough luxury handbags already and I probably should stop spending frivolously so that’s a no-go for now. Frown


And when the weekend began to loom closer..

Good morning, from my window!

Woke up to the day I’ve been counting down to. My sweet escape.


Dawn finally breaks into a beautiful tequila sunrise that morning.  Somewhere beyond every sunshine is

someone who will watch every sunrise with you until the last sunset of your life.

Nevertheless, it’s all wishful thinking. Embarassed A girl can always dream of her fairytales to come true.

Or it can always remain a figment of her imagination. Just don’t wake me up. Ever.


Ohai! Random book with my name on it. Coolbeans.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend THIRST 2013 this year as I’ll be off to Jakarta for the weekend.

Pretty bummed about missing this massive rave but I know it’s gonna be worth it.


That’s all for now. Here I am blogging from the airport. Wish me a safe trip! Smile

My flight is in 15 minutes. Let’s just hope there aren’t any crying babies within earshot as I entertain myself well with The Big Bang Theory and *probably* catch  forty winks to be well-refreshed when I land!


Two more hours in-flight till I land in Jakarta to have probably the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. 




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