Fun fact: Being both in a direct circle of friends and working closely with a particular group of people will indirectly lead to an increased interest in what they do.

This is something no one can debunk… as psychologically, we humans do function in that strange way.


Similarly, having many close tech-oriented friends plus working in a digital advertising agency full of web developers and web programmers somehow made me somewhat more interested in programming languages than I already am.


What jargon do you speak of? Does this programming script confuse you?

Hello World, welcome to the codes of JAVA.


This interest is earnest as I have personally taken multimedia, web development and programming courses in college. Though rather basic, I learnt quite a fair deal and possess enough knowledge to hold a tech conversation.Kiss

I have even tweaked and coded my old blog layout back in 2009 when I was less rusty than I am now!


JAVA (not the coffee, mind you) is one of the many, many

computer programming languages that I’ve learnt previously.


Recently, I’ve heard many of my programmer friends speaking about wanting to get an Oracle Certification and I got evidently curious.

Most of them even told me they aim to pass that exam to get to ‘next-level’ programmer status LOL.



The Oracle Certification Program are IT Professional certifications for Oracle and Sun Microsystems products.
There are three levels of Oracle Certification in several disciplines: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Master (OCM).

These certification are particularly designated for administrators and developers.

Oracle’s Certified Professional SE Programmer (OCPJP) exam is the fundamental exam required to demonstrate solid understanding of Java and is a prerequisite to a number of the other Java certificates.

It is designed as a fairly detailed test of knowledge of the core features and constructs of the Java programming language. Alien

It tests a wide range of Java’s APIs and core features, starting from basics such as looping constructs and variables, to more complex topics such as Threads, Collections and Generics.


To put it in layman’s terms, the exam is basically a test of how well a

programmer has understood the language constructs and mechanisms.


Anyone who has ever taken a professional certification exam knows it can be a very stressful process.

There is a lot riding on successful completion of an Oracle certification exam. You will need to invest time, money and energy in the exam preparation process and you’ll also need to find the right resources for helping you reach your goals.

What are your goals? Surprised



Just like all other exams, an Oracle certification exam requires you to set up and maintain a consistent study schedule.Smile

Most exams take at least a couple of months to learn all of the necessary materials and the more advanced and expert level exams can take six months or more to truly master the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary for successfully passing the exam.


You’ll need to set a reasonable and realistic study schedule for learning the materials and make sure you stick with the schedule regardless of what other commitments you may have in your life.

Trying to master the materials too quickly will only lead to subpar learning.


Unless well… you’re born with it.


You may be able to skim the surface of the materials in just a few weeks, but most people need significantly more time to really master the details for an Oracle certification exam.

For this reason, you should allot ample time for learning and not try to rush the process.Cool

Being a serious person in academics myself, I would seize the best I can should I decide to take an Oracle cert one day.


You will require some prep resources and tutorial services when studying for an Oracle certification exam. But lucky us, there are many resources available online for self study and that offer practice exams for Oracle as well! So I guess it shouldn’t be too hard anymore, eh? Laughing

One of the ones I would strongly recommend is (Click here) as it is among the most affordable and best resources to check out.



With ExamTrace, passing your Oracle Certification will be a breeze now. Good luck and all the best!

Treat me a cup of JAVA coffee when you score good grades for the test, aight? Tongue Out