Whaddup! Hope the week has been fantastic for you!



For me, well… I’m currently rubbing the giant purple bruise on my shin, stretching my neck, and fidgeting uncomfortably on my seat.  I guess that’s the kindest effect I’ve ever gotten after what was undeniably an amazing rave party.

One can only expect such discomfort after a long night of insane raving!


Yours truly – before I slipped and fell down hard due to the rain LOL.

That certainly didn’t wipe my wide smile away though!


Many thanks to Wicked Entertainment, I got to watch the incredible EDM prodigy, Zedd as well as Axwell, our EDM kings of the night, in VIP style! Cool

Full blog coverage about this soon! But for now, here are two shots off my Instagram posted live from Wicked Festival 2013.


Raving to Zedd!

Needing to recharge in the comfort of my home after a six long hours of hardcore rave partying, I spent the next day in bed (after running a few errands, of course).

I think I’ve caught the flu – not surprised, as we were all raving under the rain and the chilly wind.

With my little ball of fur.


And then, I decided to stop vegetating in bed all day as the OCD neat freak in me couldn’t stand the mere sight of my room being in such a windswept condition. Yell

Maklumlah, jika tiada ruang kosong lagi untuk mencampak barangku, kurasa, sudah tiba masanya untuk mengemaskan bilik, kan? Haha. 

My bedroom is usually very spick-and-span, neat and tidy.

But oddly enough, when you shut an eye to a pile of mess for one second, more mess just builds mountains around it before you can say – WHAT IS THIS DOING HERE?? SurprisedSurprised





Satisfied, I made  myself an omelette and jumped back into bed

to continue where I left off on The Big Bang Theory


For some reason, I seem to be wearing my glasses a whole lot more now. Tongue Out

I used to be a little shy of how I looked bespectacled – thinking that it would somehow make me look like an obvious geek or expose the nerd in me.

But I no longer am afraid to wear my glasses in public anymore!

All because… well a little bird said I look cute in it. Tongue Out Heh.

Embracing my inner geek! YAYTongue OutTongue Out

Received a lovely surprise from Tiger Malaysia.

Full blog post on this, soon!


I’ve been rather distracted lately… and busy with other things, which resulted in a lot less cooking and working out in the gym. 

Guilty as charged. But for some of the readers who are here for the clean eating meals, here are two I managed to whip up this week. Big Smile

Black Pepper Norwegian Smoked Salmon Omega Egg Omelette!

Roasted Chicken Breast with cajun spices & chili flakes with a side of blanched carrots and spinach!


Okay, I didn’t make this but here’s what I had for breakfast one morning when I was there.

Bacon! (Halal, of course)

Check out a part the Superior hotel room of the Royale Bintang Damansara!

What makes me happier than spending time with my family?

Spending time with my family…. AT THE ICE CREAM STORE! Ha Ha

A shot of eternal peace. Shocked

Just a thought. I’ve always felt a certain sense of serenity within the confinements of a graveyard.


While most people would be afraid to approach tombstones or urns full of ashes, I oddly derive tranquillity from it. There’s just something about graveyards and their quiet nature – wispy, fallen leaves breaking into the surface of the otherwise still lake, and the cold, crisp air that cloaks the atmosphere and surrounds you the moment you enter.

It’s a rush… of life after death. Electric Shock


Let’s talk about happier things on a Sunday night, shall we? Smile

My baby ball of fur, Chivas!

 A souvenir from my colleague who just returned from Beijing, China!

Too adorable.


Tuesday saw me warping from an average Plain Jane into a… not-so plain Jane scheduled to attend an event. It was pretty overbearing as I had a long day on Thursday, full of meetings and a back-to-back workload schedule.

And as nightfall descended, no time’s a’wasting!

I got dressed in the car and did my make up while driving. No, I didn’t just say that.

Anggaplah bahawa anda tidak baca ayat di atas, boleh? 😛

Jessicat wears: Camisole in black by GUESS | Accessories by The Wild Things |

Skull mullet skirt by H&M | Studded peep-toe heels by VINCCI |

Clincher belt from a fashion bazaar | Tessuto tote bag by Prada |


So off I went up up up high to Play @ The Roof!

It was another one of Asahi club parties again. Remember this epic one – Club Asahi Miami – I blogged about a few months ago? Wink

Tonight edition featured: Club Asahi Moscow.

Thank you very much Asahi Malaysia and The Roof, for the invitation! Kiss

Blog about this soon, okay? Stay tuned.



Another sleepless night comes around again and I only have to depend on my new blood – coffee.

Oh and… this trip to the coffee joint was pretty flattering. Surprised Heh. Heh.

Why, thank you! Big Smile


But one coffee will never be enough… so here’s another for the day.

Life is a drag. Big Boss


No it is not, at all! It was just the caption I thought was pretty apt for the photo above.

That was a super candid hahaha! I was just resting against a brick wall chilling and yeah, this happened. I thought it looked like a quite an excellent candid, in my natural non self-conscious state so…. here it goes, on the blog!

An afternoon at DOME – one of my favorite to-go places for good food and good coffee.


Saying byebye to BuddySarah as she will be leaving Malaysia soon. Gonna miss you, love!

See you when you are back!Kiss


Wednesday night saw me heading to Secret Recipe’s Sweet 16 X WeChat event.

It was such a gorgeous building in Ara Damansara.


On a cold, rainy Friday night… I wound up in Lavender Cafe for a very pretty dinner date.

Probably 1 Utama’s sweetest spot, its very exquisite restaurant, L. Table is hidden deep inside. You’ll see it once you elbow your way past the jostling crowd thronging the bakery up front.

Our table.


Loving the high ceilings and humongous pillars.

Pretty candles amidst the wine collection.

Caesar Salad with Pulled Chicken

Just your usual Caesar salad done perfectly right, not too much nor too little dressing too!

Pappardelle with Duck Stroganoff

The duck chunks were heavenly, when paired with this hearty sauce!

Fritto Misto.

Not a fan of deep fried food but his assortment of lightly battered seafood and onion rings was tasty.


Nama Chocolate Cake

This delightful half-baked chocolate cake was packed with copious amounts of decadent

moist dark chocolate and topped off with strawberries, blueberries and cream. Yum!

Chocolate Caramel Clafoutis *Note: this takes an extra 20 minutes to prepare*

Not sure if I’d already hit my chocolate quota for the day but this warm French bread pudding with

melted bitter chocolate and home-made caramel seemed a little too rich, sweet and overwhelming.

Perhaps I should try it on its own next time.


Geek alert high on coffee with partner-in-crime Putra!


 Black VS brown. Our usual.



Roaming the city streets of Bukit Bintang at night.


Had a good laugh!

Another black VS brown night at Espressamente ILLY, Pavilion

Oh wait, this time it’s brown VS brown.

Pool tourney! Time to pocket that 8 ball hard 😀


Not many people challenge me in pool… but you sir, are a pro!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is now in cinemas!

I posted this shot on my Instagram. Nampaknya macam seolah-olah bergaya, kan?


But here’s the not-so-glam equivalent. HAHAHAH.

I look like I have a dire need to pee. Yell

The One and Only Bukhara Briyani at Syed Bistro!

 And that’s when I spotted a Najib Razak lookalike!

Looks like this is how he will look if he wasn’t our PM, eh?

Just an average Joe eating at a mamak store like everybody else, sans the bodyguards.

On a random note, two more stickers before I get to collect all 3 of my fave superheroes

from Tesco’s pen-top Marvel collection. Spiderman, Captain America & Ironman.

Sorry, Hulk. I’m just not into you. Tongue Out

 WOOOOOOOHOOOO! Now I can’t wait to go to drop by Tesco already.

 Is it grocery time, yet? /Makes a mental note


Thursday came around and I was so honoured and happy to be invited to Sheena’s wedding!

It was held at Grand Palace, Pavilion. 


With the beautiful blushing bride, Sheena.Embarassed


It’s my first time at any of the IMBI Palace Group restaurants! 

Check out the 6 course wedding dinner spread they have at Grand Palace:



Shark Fin Soup 

No, I simply cannot bring myself to consume this. Cry

Heard of how animal cruelty is at its peak in the making of shark fin soup? Google it.

Steamed Grouper Fish!


Roast Piglet

No, I just can’t consume this too. Just look at its… expression of despair 🙁

Sitting beside colleague Joey! No, there wasn’t Starbucks coffee at the wedding, obviously.

This shot was taken before the wedding began! 😀

After bride & groom, Sheena & Raymond’s grand entrance.

 With buddies Veron & Chris during the wedding dinner!


Random selfie. Ready for a brand new week ahead? Boy, I sure am!


I’ll end this post tonight with a beautiful song that’s been on my head for months now.


You make me smile like the sun / Fall out bed / Sing like a bird /

Dizzy in my head / Spin like a record / Crazy on a Sunday night /

You make me dance like a fool / Forget how to breathe / Shine like gold / Buzz like a bee/

Just the thought of you can drive me wild / You make me smile /


Dedicated to you.



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