I confess. Nothing beats a fantastic day hangin out with the peeps you love!
Haha. I was supposed to hit the gym today as part of my fitness regime, but Janice couldn’t make it. =( Hmm, fine I shall work out alone. But when Joyce invited me me join her out for lunch with Jack, I couldn’t refuse. I was starving and wanted some fun out. So,I gladly joined em =P

We had some lunch at Ramen, either a newly opened place or an outlet which I had no clue of its existence ever. Jack grabbed a dish with yummy imagi, Joyce a fuggin’ spicy bowl of noodles and yours truly opted for salmon sushi. We chatted like there’s no tomorrow!

Walking towards MegaQue further rose the already risen guilt in me. Heck, it was directly beside my gym! Oh nnno… =( 

Whatever, pool is a sport too! *snorts*

   That’s me & Joyce lookin uber cool 
striking our pose. Wheeeee

It is presiscion when it comes to pool & Umm.. and in this case too

You kept mentioning that you didn’t know nuts about the game, but in fact, you were not bad at all! Hey Jacko, you were actually good at it. =) Joycie, when he was busy with his 3rd consecutive ball, we had our moments with the camera! 

  Challenge these ladies to a game!

I remember when I used to play cue games all the time but had to stop for quite a while as I had other activities going on. Kinda rusty now, I reckon. XD Next time, I’ll be looking forward to it instead of feeling my guilt swallowing me whole.

The gungho peeps