Don’t feel like offering apes food anymore! So ungrateful LOL 😛 But it’s amusing maximus to see it’s tiny adorable face acting oh-so-scary though

Watch the face at the end!

I was offering the little monkey some nuts and the puny thing made a scary face at me! Totally reminds me of the ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’ here below. It’s the best 5 second clip on the internet. Don’t miss it!

Hmmm.. but what about my monkey? 🙂 It’s facial expression should totally beat the chipmunk’s flat. Like helloooo? The monkey bared it’s teeth with its eyes wide open unlike the chipmunk who just stared into space.

Hmmm.. now if only I had that sound clip… *biggrin*

These videos were shot while I was at the Langkawi Wildlife Center, which was previously known as the Langkawi Bird Paradise. In the next video, I was basically video-ing the funny antics of two different species of similar birds, the Parrot and the Kakatua.

In the next video, I was basically daring myself to touch the two Parrots. They looked kinda hostile, especially the bigger blue and yellow one. I understood from the caretaker that the bigger parrot can be quite malevolent when it comes to visitors. O_O

Sorry, was speaking in the Malay Language almost the whole time as I was talking to the caretaker there. For the benefit of my non-Malaysian readers, here’s what I said :

“May I touch them?”
“Will they peck me? Will it be very painful?”
“I’m just afraid of the pain”

“Don’t peck meeeeee!”
“What about the big one?”
“Oh that one’s fierce”
“Then will it hurt if it pecks me?”
“Okay, I don’t wanna touch it anymore”

“What about this bird?”
“Yeah go ahead”
“What bird is it?”
“It’s an eagle.”
“O_O eagle? Okayyy.”

“Okay I’m really scared. But it’s cute!
Look it wants to peck me already -_-“

“Why isn’t it out in the wild?”
“It’s been tamed already”

So, I’m proud to say I’ve touched and stroked the mighty eagle! 🙂
And had a kakatua perching on my arm