Think of Christmas, think of snow,

Think of sleigh bells off you go!


So this was it. When I was extended an invite to Peter Pan : The Musical Gala, I couldn't be any more ecstatic as the Disney girl in me insisted I attend this!

The last time I ever watched Peter Pan was when I was… say, 6 years old or so?



And now, 15 years down the road, I am watching an adaptation of the early 1900 piece, 'Peter Pan – The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up', in a full-blown stage musical!

I arrived early at Sunway to avoid the massive jam! Had myself a cuppa double shot expresso mocha at the adjacent Starbucks while watching the cars roll in 🙂



Entering the vicinity of Sunway Lagoon, we were given an option of whether to jump aboard the buggy or take a 5 minute stroll to the Amphitheater itself. Clearly from the pictures above, no prizes for guessing which choice I made!

Heck, if I were wearing my trainers or flats I would choose the latter.

But since I was in heels, laziness got the better of me 😛 😛


 In the buggy! 🙂

Which was pretty fun and windy ride that reminds me of my Tioman Island trip

(zomg just remembered I haven't blogged about it yet!)



Arriving the entrance of Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater!

 You can see the amphitheater seats in the background!

Was kinda early so the crowd hasn't begun rolling in yet



Was ushered to my seat, yay for front rows! 🙂 The red zone.

Here's the very pretty set-up all ready for the show to kickstart at 8PM



Lights, camera, action!

Oh, and is that London's famous Big Ben clock tower? 🙂


By golly, it is!


Soon, more and more people began filling up the seats.

Spotted some of the usual faces coming in and also ushered to the same zone as I was 🙂


 Saved a seat for buddy Anis right beside me!


Bok was waiting beside me too before Serge took up the seat


Hmmm.. okay, waited quite long la actually. Heh 😛

It said 8PM on the ticket but that actually means 9PM acording to Malaysian timing LOL


 A sweaty and lethargic girl camwhoring while waiting. Faster begin already!! 😀 😀

Key brass chain-necklace by Soak Republic



Finally the whole amphitheater was fullhouse!


Okay, that was a whole lot of people. O__o


Chris Colby, the director of the entire production, then came forward to introduce himself and this musical to us.

Chris was really comical when he read out the formalities of "Datuk-datuk" and "Datin-datin" (titles to adress the local bigshots) and tried pronouncing other Malay words like "Majlis Bandaraya Subang" "Majlis Bandaraya Sri Petaling" (city councils) and the like.


Very good try nonetheless!!

 The man himself whose brainchild we were about to watch, Chris Colby!!


And it began with a blast!!

Ice blast, more of. It started snowing foam down the stage as a bunch of delightful dancers and main talents began their performance.



I vowed that when I set foot in the United Kingdom next year, Imma spend my first ever White Christmas there!



The musical got the ball rolling with a very popular Christmas song, 'Sleigh Ride'.

Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing~
Ring ting tingle-ing too~
Come on, it's lovely weather~
For a sleigh ride together with you~


Outside the snow is falling~
And friends are calling "You Hoo"~
Come on, it's lovely weather~
For a sleigh ride together with you!



That's one of my fave Christmas songs ever 🙂



Wendy Darling, the co-star looked really beautiful and chirpy on stage!

 Just like how she was portrayed in Disney's version of Wendy 🙂



If I recall correctly, there were altogether more than 10 songs sang and danced to!



The famous London West End theater professional actors and actresses did a fabulous job dancing, twirling, hopping, skipping and singing to the music! Trust me, I know exactly how tiring it is.

I've been in a theater production several years back myself and hell yes, all the rehearsing and practice sessions drained the life of me 🙁



Wendy was having fun immersed in her colourful imagination of music, laughter and joy when Mr. Darling knocked on the door.

Oh no! It's father!




Mr. Darling was portrayed as the strict and stern father figure, taking no nonsense from Wendy as she tells her stories of fairies, the Lost Boys and a boy who never grew up

He brushed her account of seeing a boy standing by her window as a figment of an imagination and tucked her into bed.


Wendy even showed her father Peter Pan's shadow much to his disbelief


On a side note: Poor thing! Like SERIOUSLY? Which father won't be alarmed when there is a MALE standing at his DAUGHTER'S window AT NIGHT?

Ya know, if my dad ever did that to me in real life I'd probably ask him, aren't you worried that this boy will kidnap and rape me or something? Pfftt.



Ok reality check over 😛 Back to Neverland please!




So the sad Wendy obviously not being able to sleep, still harboured wishful thinking about Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

She talked to her dog, Nana – of which was also portrayed excellently!


Walt Disney's image of Nana


It was also pretty hilarious to think that there was actually a person inside a furry St. Bernard costume!

The recorded barking sound was played in sync with the person inside acting all frisky and replicated any doggy-antics 🙂



Hi Nana!! 🙂 🙂


Peter Pan then came into the scene, standing by Wendy's window ledge with his hands on his hips.

He was looking for his shadow that he left behind; which I find rather strange, to have a shadow detached from a person. 😀

Well, it has been this way since the 1915 version!


Wendy then reattaches Peter Pan's shadow by sewing it back on his body (!!!!)


As shown from the ancient illustration below


After Wendy finished putting it all back, the very eggcited Peter Pan calls out his signature cock-a-doodle-doo!



Peter then begins to adjourn home and asks Wendy to come along with him.

But.. how?



All it takes is faith and trust, and just a little bit of pixie dust 🙂


But… where does Peter Pan live? Where on earth is Neverland?

You don't need no GPS nor Google Maps because…


… "it's just the 2nd star to the right, and straight on 'till morning!" 🙂 🙂


How nice if I were to tell my friends where I live and easily go "It's just the 2nd house to the right and straight on 'till you see a 7-11!"

*envisions self pointing to a far distance*


So what are you waiting for, Wendy?

Won't you fly with me? 🙂


Up up up they go to Neverland!


Question is, what happened to Wendy's 2 other brothers, John and Michael?

Maybe they just dissolved into thin air or disintegrated into pixie dust for unknown reasons. Hmm… Just kidding!


We can fly! We can fly! We can fly!


Yes you can fly. Now, here's a video 🙂



Thanks to Anis for lending me her camera! xoxo



Random shot of the cocky and mischievous Peter Pan amongst the giant mushrooms 🙂


This is Mr. Smee! 🙂 Captain Hook's pirate sidekick

He went "HIYA FELLAS!" and we all had to go "HIYA SMEEEEEE!!"


Smee steering Hook's ship!

Another dance session and a pretty cool pirate-ish song played 🙂



 So now we have all the pirates…



…but where's Captain Hook himself?



I wonder. Come on out, Hook! Arrrrr!!!!



Suddenly, a loud thunderous cackle reverberated through the amphitheater and spotlights were on Captain Hook at the very same entrance we used to come in! The crowd applauded with excitement.



This sinister character was bellowing his dramatic, evil laughter upon his appearance.

Oooh. I'm so scared.. but could I borrow your hook to hang my laundry? 😛 😛



He was pretty gung-ho, cruel and nasty.

Very much what I remember of Captain Hook from my younger days!



He hears of this Wendy person Peter Pan brought to Neverland, and hatched this diabolical plan to kidnap her and make her their mother instead of Pan's.

But why would you need to kidnap young girls and make her your mother, Hook? You should be ashamed!


Take a look at yourself, you fully grown man! *wags accusing finger* 😛 😛

But regardless of whatever logic there is, his minions agreed in unison with his plan.


Hurrah!!! We're gonna kidnap Wendy!


And they did.


Oh but wait, take a close look at Captain Hook's facial expression!!!


Bwahahaha. I couldn't stop laughing. 😛 😛


So he went on and on threatening Wendy but OH NO!


Hold it just a sec – what's that sound I hear?

Ticking? Tick tock tick tock goes the clock


The frightened Hook was so alarmed that he summoned Smee to be on the lookout for the crocodile.


Why is Hook so afraid of crocs?

If you didn't know, you sure don't know your Disney well! 😛 😛 Go find out! 😀


Hellllooooo crocodile!


There was also a person inside the croc outfit which I presume *could* be the same person playing Nana? Hehe. And I don't know if it's of any coincidence but Crocs Malaysia happens to be one of the sponsors of this musical! 🙂 🙂


It was also pretty silly and hilarious watching a crocodile standing and walking on 2 feet, shaking hands with Tiger Lily and her red Indian clan!

I remember laughing so hard at the crocodile's antics! 😀 hahaaha


Yay Wendy is rescued!!



Wendy kinda has this crush on Peter which is fairly obvious in Disney's cartoon as also in this musical adaptation.

Hey woman, take it from me. He just wants you to babysit him and the Lost Boys so don't get your infatuation nor hopes too high up! 😛

After all, he's the boy that never grows up…


and is a carefree and free-spirited soul.

What will happen when you're all old, wrinkly and menopausal when he's still swiftly flying around?


Ain't gonna work out.


Peter Pan and the Lost Boys! 🙂


I love how they were frolicking with each other telling each other bedtime stories and jokes


Oh, and if any of you were wondering where Tinkerbell was….

She was there! She was there with us during the musical too!



Just… well.. in a form of a bright ray of yellow/green light and her signature tinker-sounds. Because obviously, no one was small enough to play her – not even a child. Look, she's only slightly bigger than a keyhole!

But! Something bad happened to her. Tinkerbell was dying and the only way to save her was to believe in fairies (!!!) O_o


Come on! We need everybody! Even the moms and dads out there!

You have to believe! Clap your hands so she can hear you!


So yeah, we all clapped as hard as we could.

And she was alive again! Yay. Heh. Actually, I watched this scene in Disney's version too where Tinkerbell's life was coming to an end because people didn't believe her existence. LOL. No comments 😛


There was a scene where the malicious Captain Hook kidnapped Tiger Lily too!

Good lord, can you stop kidnapping young girls already? hahaaha 😛


He tied her to a rock


and Peter Pan our hero for the night, came to her rescue!!! 🙂

They engaged in a swashbuckling swordfight.

Tiger Lily was saved and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

*Narrator takes a sip of water*


All's well, ends well! 🙂 🙂


Bye everybody! ;(


More and more Christmas songs filled the amphitheater as the entire cast came forward for their last song and dance.




And guess what!? It was snowing again! 🙂 🙂



This time, it was a blizzard! 😀

It snowed not just onstage but ALL OVER US TOO!



Then it got rather chilly and all of us had "snow" foam on our heads and bodies


Don't know why you can't see it on me but there… look at the picture below!


The man sitting in fronta me had mega-dandruff on his head! 😛

LOL I jest! It was the "snow" foam. Lots and lots of them on his shoulders too



I must say, that I had a fantastic time.

Not many people would know how to appreciate musicals but if you happen to be a fan of stageplay or were to be (or have been) in the theatrical scene, you would be able to judge this abridged version as a splendid one.

All I can say is, loosen up, sit back, relax and enjoy the magic of this show.



Peter Pan : The Musical Gala will be shown every single day (except Tuesday) from the 26th November 2010 until the 2nd January 2011.

5.30PM on weekdays + Sunday and an extra 8PM one on Fridays and Saturdays!

Adult tickets range from RM60-Rm140 while tickets for children range from RM40-RM100.

To purchase your ticket, call 03-5639000 or visit for more


Trust me, it will leave you enchanted 🙂


Here's the whole cast posing for a group photograph! 🙂


I was kinda heartbroken when Adrian Soo -CEO of Sunway Lagoon- initially announced that only the children were allowed to take photos with them. Like… WHAAAIII???? I thought we were children too, somewhere deep down inside!

What happened to never growing up in Neverland?


I was so sad that I thought this was the closest I could ever get to them in a photo


But I was wrong!! After the stampede of children had subsided, Adrian then invited the media up onstage for a very own up-close-and-personal session with the whole cast, crew, producers and directors 🙂

Thank goodness I didn't leave yet!


Wendy is so beautiful in real life and was indeed a darling! 🙂


The guy with the amazing voice plays the adorable Peter Pan!

He was so gracious, very sweet and informative too when I asked him a few questions 🙂


Also, I got to take pictures with the Director and the Dance Choreographer themselves!


The men you see flanking me are the masterminds of this superb musical! 🙂

Great job


Had a lil chat session with them and I was told that this entire musical took a total of only 3 weeks at most to be rehearsed. Long days and long nights, but it was sure worth it! 🙂

They also shared with me that the main cast had been working with them for many stageplays already and that auditions were held right here in Sunway Lagoon itself for the rest of the cast, especially the dancers!


Took some time camwhoring with the stage props and setting too 😛


Yes I'm getting ready for Christmas already… presents anyone? 😀 😀


The overgrown child with the overgrown mushrooms 😛


More overgrown children!


Girls just love to have fun, no? 😀 😀

Just think of a wonderful thought, any merry little thought… and we'll be able to fly, right?


Well at least that's what Peter Pan told us!