Who would’ve thought a cosy and quintessential British colonial restaurant would be tucked away amongst the lush greeneries; up high at almost 3000 feet above sea level?

Yup, with an authentic British heritage and garden ambience, as well as a bird’s eye view of Penang’s landmarks and its city skyline, David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terraces stands tall (literally!) as the perfect, memorable dining spot in Penang


The other half and I paid a visit to David Browns for one of our mensiversaries!

(Yes, that’s the term for a monthly recurring date of an event)


It took us approximately 15 minutes to get up to the peak of Penang Hill via the funicular train


I was in for a pleasant surprise upon seeing the train that we were about to take.

2011 boasted a new and improved version of the funicular train – and I took a ride on it it last month! 🙂

It had air-conditioning, wore a much sleeker design and zoomed so much faster that it previously did!


The engineers did an amazing job updating this train. 😀


Up up up we go!

Spotted the old train permanently parked mid way whilst zooming up!

The cold temperature and his warm embrace do go really well together ;)

When we arrived, we were buzzing around – just like everyone else – taking in the picturesque scenery of the entire Penang island and mainland.

Our tummies got the better of us so, we adjourned to the elegant, British-styled restaurant for lunch + tea time.


Had to walk past its cafe/bar outlet downstairs first 🙂

The view from the top once we’ve climbed the flight of stairs!

We’re on top of the world! 

Approaching the old-world furnished mansion!

We stopped by to take pictures by the iconic lily pond…


Okay, I get it. You’re hungry 😛

We initially sat inside the mansion

It was not only beautifully appointed, it was baronial – the historical British interior design was lovely!

The dining area was spick and span, spacious impeccably furnished with rustic wooden furniture and a brick-built mantelpiece as well


Theboyfie and I found the restaurant to be really warm and cosy!

But being the al-fresco enthusiast I am, we moved out into the terrace; on the porch overlooking the garden.

A little bit of sunshine does everyone good!


Just us after placing our orders

The waitresses were sweet and accommodating 🙂 We also didn’t have to wait long before our meals arrived.

So here they are!


French Onion Soup as the starter

It was amazing! The buttery hint and rich aroma of onions was to die for. If you’re a fan of onions just like us, that is.

We also loved the texture, so thick and chunky not  too creamy at all. Crisp croutons came as an accompaniment.


Can’t wait for the main course!

Our meals came right after we were finished with the soup

Mine : Roast Lamb Shank

I loved this in its entirety! It was such a delicious and hearty meal. 

The meat had just the right tenderness. It was definitely simmered to perfection, thus juicy and succulent as you sink your teeth into it.

Its rich and flavoursome gravy alongside baby carrots, onions, cauliflower, celery, mushrooms did a magnificent job in complementing the meaty taste. It came with Mashed Potatoes as a side too.

His : Oxtail Soup & Dumplings

Despite the flavourful tomato and meaty taste, most of the oxtail chunks had very little meat on it.

It was so difficult to gnaw into whatever little meat that clung onto the bone! Must be a very skinny ox, with an equally bony tail, methinks. Don’t order Oxtail before reading how to eat it properly lest you end up looking like a Neanderthal. 


Theboyfie struggling to eat his Oxtail when I’ve been long done with my Lamb Shank!

We took a short break from eating – chatting by the lily pond and serene atmosphere

Wanting to make the best out of this visit (and being the sweet tooths we are), we ended up ordering some chocolatey dessert!


Yes, I DID say chocolate. Now wait for the boyfie to return to the table please?


Spent some time camwhoring while he excused himself to the loo 

So glad we moved outside. It was windy and I just loved the garden scene

When he came back, he asked me to go to the toilet to find a very interesting set of toilet rules.

I did as I was told, and had a great laugh!



When I came back to the table, the dessert was waiting on the table for me! 

Tempting.. tempting..


Chocolate Crepe served with Chocolate Ice-Cream & Strawberries

What can I say? We both love chocolate. This sweet and simple dish suited our tastebuds well

Fork a swatch of the crepe, dip it with the ice-cream and poke into a strawberry – and that’s the way to go! 


We took a light stroll around the cottage garden after our meal

Well fed by David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terraces, it’s no wonder we had to walk around a little bit to ease our over-filled tummies!

Pretty sights amongst nature and walking along the gravel path – count me in! 


Heavy wooden latch-door by the brick-built fence!

Under a giant lilypad!

Took in a last view of the breathtaking scenery

The sun was about to set by then!

Great times and great memories atop Penang Hill

Much love! 

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