My dear Godmum carted us those chocolates when she returned from a trip to Langkawi. Hmm.. which was like, a few weeks ago! =P Hehe.. it’s alright, I don’t personally consider it as outdated news as I have just started to consume them… with the refrigerator and myself sworn to secrecy, of course. It WILL be ugly if mum finds out. She still thinks of me as a sick person. WHICH EXCUSE ME i AM SO NOT ANYMORE.

Here are what makes my world go round in gastronomy, 2nd to cheeeeeeeeese!!!

Feast your eyes (@_@)

Here’s my fav seashell Belgian chocolates for your EYES ONLY

What you are now witnessing is the Chocoholical alchoholic freak

Chocolate is not only good for health (all rejoice, chocoholics!) it is also good during sex! muahahhahahaha