Culture had never really been my kinda thing. I’m more for an open culture… with values of course. My culture, to me, is a significant thing. One that holds your identity, morales and where you belong.

And through Jesus, I’m exposed to a culture which I had never came across in real life before. The Korean culture.

What do I know about the Koreans? They create serials after serials of dramas on television that people are crazy about. They have either ultra cute hunks and mega pretty chicks for us to ogle over. Oh, and their dramas make people cry. Political wise, they have a South Korea which I reckon is really pretty, and a North Korea which is made up of communists. Period.

See how little I know about them? haha. And no, I’m not embarrassed to mention. Well, how much do YOU know about the Brazillian culture? If u answer their Brazilian Wax methods, I’m so gonna slap you silly. =)

Anyway, there was this Christianity thing going on in my campus foyer and Alvin, Daniel, Janine and I joined the crowd as an audience. The invited guests were none other than youths from Korea. Through them I was in awe of their (cute) traditional culture. It was simply adorable. I didn’t know they had such a bell dance, traditional umbrella-ish costumes that made you look pregnant or fat. There’s so much more to share! Haha.

Here’s a picture at the end of the event: