p2 was a terrific movie. I ain’t gonna spoil your suspense by telling what it’s all about, but 10 things I’m gonna spill is –

That chick is fuckin hot.
It’s gory. Not for the weak-hearted. If you think ‘Sweeney Todd’ was gory, think twice about watching this. Thrice, if you may.
There’s drifting… by the chick!
4. I cannot believe I thought the dude was fuck-ass cute. (unfortunately, he turned out to be an irrational & murderous psychopath)
Have I mentioned that chick is fuckin hot?
6. Oh yes I have.
The pervertic cinematographer keeps zooming in at her god-damned humongous bosoms. (especially when she runs) How mentally disturbed of him.
8. To top it off, there was a case of VPL when she got drenched by the pipe in the elevator.
Cops can be so ignorant
10. Girls rule and they are not damsels in distress. A toast to that! Come closer and I’ll follow suit to stab you with a fork on your shoulder blade and directly gauging your eyeballs out with a steel pipe.

watch it. now.!!

I have this ‘disorder’ after watching movies that involves my fears. Carparks, are one of my major paranoias since childhood. And it did not help that I went to a hospital this afternoon to visit a friend. People looking pain-stricken with blood stains on their bandages
Oh and, guess what? After our date, Dubby dropped me off where I last parked my car. Once I got into the car safely, he drove off. Who’d knew that I couldn’t start my car? (just like in p2. But hers was the engine problem) and there was no other car left in that lane. 

Just me. And my lil car. in the dark. couldn’t start it. scenes of p2 rolled into my mind. Dang. That was when I had this gridlock of emotions of fear & confusion. I shed tears on the spot while fumbling hard to get my cellphone. Thank God Dubby made a u-turn to come back to me in time before I went absolutely ballistic.

….. gawd.