It’s such a shame to learn that ‘Blasterjaxx in Mysteriousland’ ended up postponed after so much buzzing drama-rama revolving around the utterly sensitive situation of the Malaysian rave scene.

I really was looking forward to raving my head off to Blasterjaxx!

The tracks and remixes of this Dutch big room-electrohouse duo has been on loop on my iPod for the past couple of months.

We can only look forward to September as Mysterious is set to present DVBBS, Vinai and Bounce Generation. – if it doesn’t get cancelled at the eleventh hour again, that is. *crosses fingers*


All dressed up and ready to tear up the town!


Here’s what turned up the heat in Platinum 21 KL when Mysterious Asia brought down international EDM superstars like Sandro Silva, Nari & Milani, Jacob Van Hage, Tony Romera, 2 Faced Funks and Reece Low as well as Trance headliners from the likes of Tenishia, Bobina and Susana.

Today’s post is a sequel to this blog article!


Tonight’s get up! Jessicat wears:

Cropped top by Kitschen | KItty skater skirt by H&M | High tops in purple by PUMA

Accessories by The Wild Things | Spiked snapback from a fashion bazaar


Having being cancelled by authorities at the very last minute from taking place in MINES International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Mysterious Asia fought hard to make it happen for us fans and insisted that the show must go on!

And it did Big Smile


Making my way down to the rooftop club, Platinum 21, atop The Icon in KL city


 Brought childhood buddy Ed along to party it up!


As I arrived a little late, here are the local acts I missed out on.

The event started with ArfixQ & FyeQ, followed by Fahmi Azlan & Hiroshi, Bobby Bangers & Hidetoski, Pafko & La Short and LissaQash.

A wonderful medley of sounds can be heard, from House to Electro, and Progressive House to Trance booming through the speakers in the club. Cool



The event continued with its first international guest act at about 740pm.

All the way from down under, Reece Low slams his signature sound – the Melbourne bounce!


Reece Low in action.


The pink masked and covert duo –

2 Faced Funks kicked off after Reece Low with massive tunes!


I heard their latest release ‘Underdog’ got the crowd way too excited!

It definitely should; I love that track too!



This progressed perfectly with Tony Romera’s upbeat progressive house set.

Throwing in some evergreen remix of Eurythmic’s Sweet Dream, the crowd responded insanely to this French powerhouse’s refreshing, funky beats!



I was so glad not to miss his set!

Tony Romera set the pace for my night as I arrived right smack in the middle of his eclectic performance.


Arriving Club Platinum 21.

Look ma, I’m glowing (with euphoria)!


 Tony Romera interacted with his crowd so well!


We went totally nuts with Tony Romera himself as he dropped his popular track ‘Go Nuts’


His twisted, elasticated synths and a massive thumping drops, bounces along with the intense energy the crowd fed off from.

The night got a lot heavier with his deep club banger of a track. Ahh!


 I took a breather from the incredulous amount of jumping for a sip by the bar


 But his electro house set was so good that I had to go onto the dance floor again!


 Watch him go!


Before I knew it, it was time for the next act.

The transition of artistes were so smooth as Tony Romera thanked his raving audience before Jacob Van Hage took to the stage.


The transition: Tony Romera and Jacob Van Hage!


 With buddy Edwin by the bar waiting for Jacob’s set to kick-off!


I was checking out Jacob’s tracks throughout the week leading up to Mysterious and I really fancied his experimental sounds!

I can’t quite put my finger on the genre that describes him most as he seems to alternate between different styles in his mashups and productions but if I would, the closest would be varying sub-genres of house.


 Welcoming Jacob Van Hage on the decks!


Jacob turning it up!


He’s known to be very energetic in his performances.

Seeing him tonight, I can totally vouch for that!


His inexhaustible drive throughout his entire set shot the crowd to even higher waves.


It was a definite havoc on all corners of the dance floor!


From Krewella, to Chuckie and Bingo Players to W&W, keep it going, Jacob!


The Dutch DJ-Producer also included slower, uplifting numbers,

like Armin Van Buuren’s ‘This is What It Feels Like’. Perfect, we need a rest too!


The many expressions of Jacob Van Hage when he dropped his original track, ‘Spotfire’


Jacob whipped out his phone and took a picture of his party peeps mid performance.

One for Jacob’s Instagram album, guys!


Even I tried to take a picture with Jacob during his performance! Haha.


 But to my surprise, he was beside me on the dance floor right after his performance!

I excitedly said hi and grabbed him for a photo. Pardon my awkward smile.


 Thanks, Jacob! You were wonderful!


Our next entertainment of the night was Italian house duo, Nari & Milani.

They continued to pump the crowd up with their energetic electro set!



I was raving up high in the sky throughout but they particularly stole my attention when they slipped in some old skool and classic rock into their progressive set.

Wow! That was unexpected. But a little plot twist never gets old. Surprised

In fact, it always works! Such was the case for Nari & Milani tonight.



They also played various tracks from the likes of Calvin Harris, Alesso, Nicky Romero and more. Nari & Milani remix of One Republic’s ‘If I Lose Myself’ was a good club banger right there! Laughing


 Put your hands up!


 Buddy Audrey and I getting our groove on!


Selfie time!


 We both had one common aim that night –

to wait for Sandro Silva’s set in anticipation!


 I went to the back of the crowd again to the bar as all that jumping got me real thirsty.

It was that good!


 Pretty sure everyone else agrees with me!


 Thank you, Nari & Milani for turning up our night to the next level!


Sandro Silva was next and the total dance floor destroyer  took over with a high note.

At this hour, the club was already at full capacity and even overflowing to the outdoor balcony area. All the party punters were going beserk with one massive Beatport chart-topper one after another.


 Hello, Sandro Silva!


When he dropped his track collab with Quintino ‘Epic’, the night catapulted to an even more epic one in an instant!

I personally recall myself screaming and jumping ala trampoline right beneath my feet.


 I wasn’t alone in my world though!


 Imagine all the thrashing about on the dance floor when

Sandro Silva dropped Showtek & Noisecontroller’s ‘Get Loose’!


 Random pic of buddy Ed and I mid raving!


The young Dutch DJ-Producer smashin’ the dancefloor once again

with his remix of  DVBBS & Borgeous’ famed track Tsunami!


After his performance, I bolted to the balcony outside to catch a breath.

A few minutes later, who else do I least expect to see sipping on his drink right behind me?


 Such a pleasure to meet you in person, Sandro!

He is based in Amsterdam now as we had a quick chat before I went back inside.


With no time to waste, Tenishia took to the deck and pushed the beats off the roof with their medley of uplifting and tech trance.


 Welcoming Joven Grech & Cyprian Cassar from Malta to Malaysia!



Tenishia blasted tracks and remixes from Armin Van Buuren, Showtek, Tiesto, Jorn Van Deynhoven. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t drop ‘Benedictus’ which was a staple in my playlist! 🙁


But the #1 DJs of Malta more than made up for it with their ridiculously sick set!


 Tenishia dropping their original track – Where Do We Begin


Scheduled to perform together with them, trance vocalist Susana could not do so due to technical issues but regardless, she came onto the decks to rock out with the duo.


World ranked #50 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Tenishia also played Ramelia, a track which Susana collaborated with RAM and other tunes which had her powerful vocals resonating from its depths.

So we got to hear her voice after all, albeit not live! 😀


 Hi Susana!


 Heart hands! We love you too!

 Drinks by the bar again! We also got ourselves mineral water, which were reasonably priced thankfully (you know what I’m insinuating)


 Fellow partyrockers were still buzzing with energy despite the wee hours of the morning!

The force is strong in this one 😀


 SO EXCITED when I bumped into Cyprian of Tenishia.


That’s the goodness of hosting raves in small locations, ya know? Ha Ha

Fans get the chance to meet all their favorite DJs personally instead of only seeing them from afar at more massive music festivals.

I mean, of course the latter has its merits; I wouldn’t discount the fact that music fests and large-scale rave parties are way more mind-blowing due to aesthetics like lighting, pyros, LCD backdrop effects, laser beams and more.

But hey, once in a while, going to smaller rave parties held at clubs has its plus points too!


 Went to the front of the DJ console to see Bobina’s head peeking out from under

the decks as he prepared for the transition to his performance. How cute 😛


 Sippin’ on an ice cold beer while waiting.


 Buddy Ed and I!


A name all too familiar with trance music, DJ Mag Top 100’s #47 Bobina takes care of the last set with grace.



This globetrotting DJ-Producer managed to keep the crowd raising their hands in the air with chart topper tracks like his collabo track with Andrew Rayel ‘Sacramentum’ and his latest number (a collabo with Susana too!) ‘Play Fire with Fire.’


 Bobina dropping an uplifting one by Armin Van Buuren  ‘Sound of the Drums’


 His progressive house & trance set gave exhausted party people that extra jab of boost we needed!


Moomoo and I (LOLOLOL inside joke!)

Pardon the dishevelled look as we only remembered to take selfies at the end of the night

after we danced like two psychomaniac-lunatics on acid-tripping fire.


 Check out the BOBINA flag a fan made for him!

(His manager holding it up)


 That’s the fan who made it. Can you spot him taking a pic in the background?


 Eat sleep rave repeat! Spot me raving in the front! Muahaha.


 Bobina surprised us with a trance classic by Tiesto, ‘Traffic’ before turning up a notch

to one of the latest track of this quarter, EIFORYA by Armin & Andrew Rayel.


 I went into a frenzy when Bobina dropped his very own remix of Armin’s ‘Ping Pong’ with W&W’s ‘Bigfoot’

That was brilliant! You should take a listen. Very tastefully done!


 Despite it being way past 3 in the morning, Bobina kept his infectious beats and deep basslines on a steady rise.


Bobina interacting with his crowd with the arm wave as we followed suit.


 Spot me in the crowd again 😀 😀

We were more than tired and I could feel my feet starting to give way LOLOL

But still, a set as energy-driven as Bobina’s didn’t stop me from mustering my last fumes of rave power!


 Managed to grab a selfie with Dmitry ‘Bobina’ Almazov before I adjourned home to crash.


 Thank you, Mysterious, for a spectacular rave party!


Needless to say, I enjoyed myself so very much!


So glad the peeps of Mysterious endeavoured for the show to go on despite complications surrounding our local rave scene.

Let’s save the rave… together! Furious


 Let no one stop us. Peace Love Unity and Respect to all fellow EDM fans!

PLUR babeh, let’s rave this the right way with Mysterious.


Can’t wait for the next Mysterious rave! Two more to go for 2014 😀



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