We all know the cliche of how one’s eyes are the windows to their soul.

This is a story about how a sparkle in a girl’s eyes led the love of her life right to her doorstep. As they say, a fairytale wedding ensued and they lived happily ever after.



I’m joking, obviously… and it’s not the sparkle in her eyes.

Sorry to burst your bubble, boys. It’s just what contact lens can do to girls’ eyes these days. Chances are, you’re not looking into her soul; you’re just staring directly into her contact lens. 😛 😛 😛

Nevertheless, they DO undeniably, give the ladies a very pretty twinkle in their eyes. Let’s face it. We think it’s pretty, and so do you.


Introducing the MESMERIZE series of contact lenses by Charmé.

Thanks Ivilens!



This is actually a sequel to my previous blog post about the ECLIPSE series of contact lenses in grey and brown from Ivilens.

Check out how ECLIPSE looks on me – here

Today, I will be featuring MESMERIZE, another series of contact lenses under the Charmé brand as well.


This is what you will see upon opening the tightly-sealed packaging.


 A close look at how it looks like when worn.

Trying to open my eyes as wide as possible so you can see it properly!


I must say though, it doesn’t have the iris enlargement effect like the ECLIPSE series I wrote about previously.

But my personal preference would be the MESMERIZE series simply because the colours and design suits me a lot better!


Right? These are really my favorite!


 A closer look.

(Told you I have hanging eyeballs if I open my eyes too wide apart HAHA!)


Say goodbye to dry eyes!

After using Charmé, I’ve never needed to bring my eye drops along anymore! 😀 😀



Although it is discouraged, I have admittedly crashed into bed and fell asleep with my contact lenses still on. But they didn’t hurt the next morning! (Please don’t do this! If you get too drunk however, that is an exception 😛 )

One of the best parts of MESMERIZE is the variety of colours available!


MESMERIZE also comes in more exciting colours like blue, green and purple! That’s of course if you want to stray away from common colours like black, grey or brown.

Trust me, the colours won’t make you look like you’ve just exited a cosplay convention or jumped out from an anime tv series.

Let me show you! Ha Ha


 MESMERIZE in purple. See? It’s pretty mild. Not to worry!


 It’s only more obvious under DIRECT light (sunlight or artificial light)


Definitely less obvious at night.


I usually only wear my contact lenses whenever I attend all those events and parties you see me at. Sometimes I wished I actually needed contact lenses to see so I can wear them more often (because I’m usually very lazy to put them on and take them off!)

Uh-huh. You guessed right. Almost-perfect 20-20 vision! Except for the astigmatism. Bleh. Hit with Brick


Under different lighting.



Generally, wearing contact lenses can pose a slight discomfort especially when you wear them for long hours. 🙁

But thankfully, the Charmé contact lens series are very comfortable and so far, I’ve not encountered any problems wearing them the entire night.



Thanks Ivilens for the wonderful pairs of Charmé contact lenses! Definitely made it to my must-recommend list of favorite items.

Would love to see how the brown or green ones look on me this time 😀



For more information on Charmé by Ivilens and how you can get them,

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