Remember the event announcement which I blogged about [here] ? I made my way there immediately after a loooong tiring day out in the hot sun, shooting away. Was looking forward to just wrap up my day with an ice-cold beer and some techno boomz!

So there I was at the M.C Asia Music Factory “The Beginning” event at KL Live @ Life Center. It was an after party following the educational workshop on making DJ-ing a professional career, the revolution of digital music, evolution of music labels and music production.

Crystal and I went courtesy of Mypartners Communication
who extended us the invites

I didn’t expect to see her there, and neither did she. We bumped into each other at the photowall and went “HEYYYYYYY!!!” haha. Love your poncho-like top, gurl 🙂 Also, I brought some friends in under my guestlist to enjoy the turntablism for the evening too.

So let’s take a look at who they are

BWAHAHAHAAH Joshua and Aaron’s expressions
How can you not love ’em?

Brought Bok, Jun and yes, thats the same Joshua as the earlier photo
Here we are upstairs at the VIP area to grab our drinks
Eventually went downstairs because it’s much more fun there 🙂

and Rachel & Wilson too!
Check out the amount of Tuborgs on our table LOL

and Inariprawnello Ken

I managed to catch local DJ Affiq and Funko Munky spinning when I arrived. As it was still way too early into the night, the crowd was dissapointing. People only started pilling in gradually towards midnight.

This Swedish DJ and electronic music producer spun his magic
fingers at the decks from 10pm for an hour plus

He played well and it got some of us to the dance floor letting our hair down! Sadly, I was wearing booties that very night so wasn’t mobile enough to join the doods shuffling 🙁 Hah! I remember old buddy Rachel and I used to kick off our high heels and just shuffle and jump on the dance floor whenever we clubbed together

Next up was DJ Preach all the way from Canada!
His beats were faster and incorporated some r&b rhythms

By 11.30pm lotsa people were there raving about right in front already. I was amazed at the amount of diverse people in this club. There were African-Americans, Brits, Australians, Pinnoys and of course Malaysians too.

Got tired from dancing and sat down with
Alex, Ken and Jacque at the table 🙂

Couldn’t stay till the very end as I had an early day tomorrow morning, So I MISSED DJ MARCEL WOODS! /sob I was actually anticipating him all night though. But lets just hope the shufflers and poppers dancing right under the DJ console enjoyed themselves for me! Woots

Took a final piccie at the photowall before I left!

Thanks to Alex who shot this which
made me look apparently very tall and thin
(one of those rare pics which doesn’t make you look fat!)

Oh and just yesterday out shopping with Erin, I spotted something which looked really adorable. Silly things! Lady Gaga hairbows are all the rage for lazy peeps or peeps who ain’t got that long a crowning glory!


Lady Gaga wannabes, she’s sucha freak ya just gotta love her.

But I ain’t blonde, HOW? 🙁

I wonder if I will ever be a psychotic enough
to emulate her look one day 🙂