Recently, I was invited along with a few others to a dinner session with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and FHKL. Indonesian food yo! Hmmm.. they made a good choice to pick Brisik Restaurant & Cafe located in Jaya One to be the venue of our dinner. Indonesian food is yum!

There was a mini contest too, the Best Dressed person to represent their holiday would walk away with a free holiday! I actually thought that everyone would dress in a very simple manner (if not, at all) as it was a weekday directly after working hours. So I came dressed very mildly to represent Hawaii.

But the moment I saw her, I knew I had no chance of winning! 😛

We were all geared up to win the free holiday anyway. During that dinner event itself, there was a video contest to ‘Imitate a Travel Show Host’. There were quite a handful of enthusiastic peeps who participated, who knows? Their gift of the gab might just win them a 4 Days 3 Nights holiday to any ASEAN country of their choice.

Here are just 2 of the many participants, and their destinations!

Shaz who talked about the Penang Island!

Simon who talked about Bali Island!

Unfortunately, I didn’t join. Had a looooong day out so I would do a bad job and ramble all the other guests to slumberland (unless they don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me) but I got pulled in eventually to be Shaz’s cameo for his video entry >_<

As he talked about Penang, he needed a few friends to represent the ‘characters’. If I remember correctly, there was a pilot, a Char Koay Teow hawker, a Mamak making Roti Canai (Prata), a fisherman and myself, the female masseur… I ended up tickling him so bad that he choked up with laughter every 2 minutes!

pic grabbed off Joshua’s facebook album

The ‘fisherman’ and I

Sorry, random picture. Just had to put this in! So farrneyy & candid

kthxbai 😛

We continued having our Indonesian cuisine ala buffet style, mingled and camwhored the night away. The organizers and crew were busy picking the winner for the video contest. They had a few criteria listed so my two cents tells me they were viewing all the recorded clips in the other room to make their decision.


CONGRATULATIONSSSSSS! Guess you went on and on about Bali pretty well huh? 🙂

No prizes for guessing who won the Best Dressed though! *points at 1st photo of this entry*

Congrats to the winners! Hope yall enjoy your free holiday. If you wanna win yourself a free holiday too, head on down here and who knows? You might be one of the lucky winners as well. Anyone needs a goooooood relaxing getaway!

Oh and, you might just win a kiss from us LADIES as well

Yes I’m referring to the 2 bespectacled LADIES

😀 enjoy!