gigglez* Hmm… i dun givva shyt really… but hey! i AM panickin ova here! =0

Lotza happened sinz d lazz time huh? oh well.. blame it on ma mom…. she banned me frm da net… YES it has increased to 3weekz…. deliberate agony! *groanz* Hmm…. ma maid came back frm indonesia… yuppzie 2whole weekz away.. ya noe wut>? i wuz bginnin 2get used 2her abscence wiv duin wateva i wan.. goin whereva i please n da like… But, i still missed her of cuz.. shez bn wiv me foh 13yearz… think about it! Woah!

So yeah, naturally expecting (finally) home-cooked food when she unfortunately came home rather sickly.. Hmm… muz b tha change in climatez. I shuddered in disgust whilst she wuz makin ma bfast tiz mornin.. like, hello>? She wuz coughin n sneezin! *ugggh* Completely horrifiying! btw, ma immune systemz arent bionically ionic eitha.. =( Oh well.. i ended up eatin it.. feelin nauseas wiv each bite.. *sigh* wut i’d give 2hv ma dear ol’ kak again..

Tat wuz 2day… Pn. ‘my-accent-is-weird’ Jothi gave us a free composition (helluva fun time babeh!) afta sucha looooooooong time… Hmm… oviuzly i wrote abt da tragic day i wuz burglared. Will tell yazz anotha time ookie>? Raced tha clock as we hadda hand it in by tha time 45minz wuz up. Gladly did! I wuz quite afraid i wudnt make it in time… =P BREAKTHRU NEWZ! Sowwie… kekeke.. sth juz crossed ma mind.. rememba ma stolen pencilcase i last wrote about? Yeahh… it seemz that a pal o’ mine found it open n left 2bleed by itself in tha toilet. *blinx* How saddening…. wut a pity… a pathetic kiddo of ma sch.. had no freakin conscience to actually STEAL ma stuff frm ma pencilcase? Wut wuz left in there wuz tha stuff i had ma name on.. Hmm.. pretty smart. But not smart enuff 2outwit me~! Wait till i get ma handz on u ya stinkin thief!

OOkie.. chill chill… enuff ov tha anger management *snort* Heyazz… remembatha initial plan of ma frenz n i 2go 2tha beach>? Yeah.. we didnt go in d end… BUT! instead, we went 2a much more fear-defying spot! Wutz pg known for? itz laksa? nonono… Hell yeah! tha pg bridge! Me, ma babyboii n ma frenz went UNDER penang bridge foh a quite-an-awesum-i-shud-say experience. tha road wuz full of thickets… but tha dude’s stallionz biked  pazz them wivvout a hitch. Wakaakkazz… caught sum malay couplez ‘maksiating’ bhind tha tree! It wuz an indelible (ooooh yesh of cuz!) adventure.. pure rocky n muddy fun! But beware: HUNGRY GHOSTS MONTH is yet 2arrive!