——–dread tha early mornin———–

Gawsshshhh… wut time izzit?? Wateva. A day at Ramakrishna Orphanage wut yet 2greet me…. Hmm.. imma juz haveta expect lil Indian kiddoz runnin around butt-naked.. whooopz! Sowwie! ma thoughtz spoke fer itself…. wakakakakaka

Groggily, I knocked on d door 2wake ma babyboii up.. Obviusly he didnt have enuff sleep. Juz look at za panda ringz!kekeeke.. Ya noe sumthin stewpood ovv me? I almost wore ma full Rangerz-U.. damn! Good thing i didnt! but even if i did.. there wudnt b any difference ,wud there>? A couple ovv ma palz mistakenly turned up in full-U too. How they shrinked frm society! We were gawking at them… yeah.. me, kay n iris did tha mornin mocking…. wakakakka

Hmm… yeah. Actually, wut rminded me most wuz abt me mystically appearing in fronta Ramakrishna building like Santa Claus. Why u ask>? Cuz i had multi-coloured skitterz n their equally colourful ringz around it…. such disgrace…. nawww.. (think ovv it frm anotha perspective)DATZ NOT ALL… i had 3huge(repeat: HUGE) sacks of toys! Goodnezz tha typical Santa! Ma world sunk wen i realized that d rest were actually STARING at me.. Aint it silly ovv me 2go n buy RM200 worth of toyz fer tha kidz? Wut wuz i thinkin>? Hmm…. *dreamz* i cud ezyly but sum Pierre Cardin favviez of mine….. gagagaagaga~

Oh no. Sum annoyin bratty numskull wuz seen cryin in tha near distance. We headed 2cajole him….. obviuzly he needz sum pacifying! Soon i realized i wuz wrong. HE AINT NO BRAT! All ovv us became fast frenz wiv tat lil angel by tha name of ‘Kini’ Yeah…. Kini.. u heard right… As in followin sentence- Kini aku sudahpun berinsaf atas tafsiranku terhadap kanak kanak. So blabla bla..He became our favv kiddo  n we snapped lotza picciez wivv him! (yupyup cummin soon!)


Ma supposely  assumed dreadful day turned out 2b sumthin quite fine, actually! i feel refreshed afta  playin n guiding n teachin n sharing momentz wiv those orphans… How they crave foh love… malnourished of care…. deprived of social company. I now see life thru their soft brown eyez. A sight, simply beautiful- like no other! Lurve ya Kini n da rest.. hope yall will rememba us! Cuz u did, most definately had ma heart. Im glad we had thiz purpose-driven visit…. Imagine ….. walkin down d road a decade later…. all married n succesful… suddenly, an indian kid, now a teenager.. stopz u n asks if u rememba em… that shows how much we’ve made their livez overwhelming in juz 3hours.

Moving. Rendering. Momentz frm d lord our God.
llllll–jess out!—->