Woke up on Merdeka morning brimming with thoughts.

This is my story and a plea to our generation.



I was born a patriot. Growing up, daddy taught me the ways of how our country ran. I had all patriotic songs and our Rukunegara at my fingertips by the time I was seven – I knew them all by heart.

And I knew, even back then, that we have really come a long way in crafting Malaysian history. But on our 50th birth year, I’ve come to realize something on my own while ushering in Merdeka last night.


We are the superheroes of our country.


My country needs me. Before a country can bring itself to greater heights, it first needs its countrymen.
It needs you.


We are the hope.
We are the ones that should shun neither our nationalism nor responsibility, especially at times of disappointment. Regardless of whichever ruling mandate we are governed by, it is really the people of Malaysia, the rakyat, that make or break this country.


So it is us, Malaysians, that are truly the superheroes of Malaysia.


We are the ones who can collectively take our country by leaps and bounds, towards a better Malaysia so our grandchildren’s grandchildren wouldn’t need to turn their backs on Malaysia to seek greener pastures elsewhere – all because you didn’t persevere hard enough?
If such, I would never forgive myself.


We are the superheroes of our country.


My fellow countrymen, lets put aside our differences and unite as one to place Malaysia on the world stage so that we will be known not just as “the country below Thailand” or “the country above Singapore”. Instead, being held in high regard as a Malaysia so rich and strong, in equal parts, politically, economically and socially.


Wouldn’t that be the Malaysia you will be proud to call home?


Our forefathers have fought so hard for our country. Decades down the road, it lies in our hands to continue their legacy. Don’t give up just yet. Don’t give up something that has such a mighty potential.
You don’t see it? Look harder, because I do.


We are the superheroes of our country.


With this, I call upon my fellow superheroes in this unwritten quest of renewing our faith, and going to great lengths in carrying Malaysia’s name proudly upon our backs once more.


Give yourself a reason to be proud of, and a similar sense of pride will be harbored by our future generation, when they reap the fruits of our labour.
Tanah tumpahnya darahku.


Happy 56th Independence Day to my homeland, my birthplace, my Malaysia.
In you, my faith burns brightly.



With love,
Your comrade Jessicat; yet another superhero of Malaysia.
Just like you.