Remember that epic TV that I wrote about some time last week?

Well I finally got to see it with my very own eyes!


The 84 inch LG Ultra HD 3D TV and I 

No, I am not wearing sunglasses indoors, much less in a dark room! You shall see what it is shortly! wink


So my Saturday morning was spent at the LG Fiesta blogger party.

It was held at the Piazza @ The Curve


Stole this picture from LG's Facebook page LOL.

 Can you spot me? Hahahaha!


Upon arrival, I saw many colourful,numbered stickers!


I was allocated to Group 6 – and here are my matching 3D glasses cool


Giant illustration of LG's latest 84 inch Ultra UD 3D TV.


There was also a DJ entertaining us at the party!

The huge DJ deck was for the DJ competition which took place later that afternoon.


The party was hustling and bustling with people!


With some friends Kelly and Isaac smiley


Amidst all the TV talk, there was another product by LG which caught my fancy.

It was a little handheld machine called the LG Pocket Photo; a smart mobile printer which instantly prints out photographs for keepsake! yes


All I had to do was to take a photo on a smartphone (with the Pocket Photo app installed)

and transfer it over by tapping it on the Pocket Photo machine.


In less than three seconds, the LG Pocket Photo machine begins printing out my photo.


And it's mine for keeps! In this era, I do appreciate a hard copy of a photographs every once in a while.

It's like a novelty to me, ya know? angel Jarang sungguh dapatkan gambar sebenar yang bukan digital!


I went back into the dark room where the 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV was.


Something was missing! Since it was set to 3D mode, I noticed that I was seeing things differently.

It can't be my eyesight, can it? surprise Looks like this calls for…


LG's Cinema 3D Glasses! Cute as a button, no? 

I found it very stylish, ultra-light and colourful! cool


So that explains my double-vision before putting LG's Cinema 3D Glasses on.


Erica and I having fun with our 3D glasses. devil


This toddler wasn't spared from the fun of 3D glasses!


Bro and I had our fair share of fooling around with our 3D glasses too.


Of course, to watch your shows/movies, you can always opt for the normal mode instead of the 3D mode.

But if you do happen to select the latter…


You know you need these to bolt yourself straight into the wondrous world 

of three-dimensional ultra high definition wonder! cool


After putting my 3D glasses on, the vision was breathtaking! yes

Much like a cinematic experience without going to the cinemas.


We were then given an introduction to this prized television and  

enlightened by a product knowledge briefing session.


During the sharing session, we were also told to put on our comfy, battery-free, lightweight Cinema 3D Glasses to watch an animated movie while he elaborated further on the total immersion brilliance and aspects of this Ultra High Definition 3D mode that we were watching on.  


I had no problems putting them on excitedly! laugh

If you were wondering from the beginning, yes, I wore this tee on purpose today cool



Anyway, to save you from reading a truckload of text (and to save me from writing it for you),

you can watch the video below and be amazed by LG's 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV for yourself!


Later that morning, we were asked to participate in a series of very interesting games.

A five-second clip was played from 10 different movies which we had to identify. Any movie buffs here?


The first clip that was played.

Forgive my ignorance but WHAT MOVIE IS THIS??? surprisesurprisesurprise I never found out.


The fourth clip that was played. Ahhhhh.. dear ol' Captain Von Trapp and his seven children.

It's The Sound of Music, without a shadow of a doubt wink


Guessing games… brace yourselves!

We got this right. THIS. IS. SPARTA! 300! devildevil


Oh no. What movie is this? I think it had Leonardo DiCaprio in it.

Or was it Brad Pitt? I don't recall!


My team mate Kifly and I were racking our brains for this game!

I think we only got about four correct answers out of the ten LOL.


For the next game…

Can you guess what we had to do?


Obvious enough?


What about this?


Yup… It's PSY's Gangnam Style!


I cannot believe I danced to this song to an audience of approximately 60-70 people. surprise

Terkejutnye aku, apabila disuruh menari lagu ini di depan para penonton. Ala.. ramainye! Memalukanlah!


Admittedly, although I often break into PSY's addictive dance routines (yes, 'Gentleman' included) at the most random places like malls and cafes, I never thought I had to do this deliberately on command.

Oh I have a video footage of our dance as well. Might just upload it f I am in a good mood cheekycheeky


My team! For our 'Gangnam Style' dance, we got an 8-8-9-8 from the judges LOL

Yay? cheeky Good job team.


The event ended at noon and the winning team was announced.

Although we didn't win anything, I had the time of my life that morning! devil It has been quite a while since the last time I attended a blogger gathering which was power-packed with fun and games.


Undeniably,  I absolutely love the 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV so much! heart


Don't burst my bubble, but I'm already envisioning myself lying on the couch with my loved ones eating popcorn and watching movies from this epic television at the comfort of my own home. cheeky

Thank you, LG for a fun morning at your Fiesta party!



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