=*”home sweet island”*=

Ahh well… nth tastes betta then tha intoxicated smell of penang.. tha over-familiar faces of penang.. tha love ov ma sight penang.. ahh itz gr8 2b back!

So yeah.. an epic ov ma life in tha paperz.. pretty kewl aint it>? datz wut i perceive.. probly tha 1st time I came out in tha Star newspaperz.. i aint braggin or anythin but.. yeah, itz clear 2see that im elated! Ma daddy’s proudda me~! Ma momz appreciative tat i got home safely… hmm…


So NOT a gist.. hmm letz start wivv tha 1st day as a participant of tha BRAT’s camp.. Wuz kindal like scanning 4familiar faces but i failed.. bahh. Wateva. I started breakin tha ice with juz about anyone in tha hall (typical me) n well.. quickly peeped at tha list of ma roomatez. Almost immediately, we became fast frenz!


Skip all tha nonsense n tha bore… So i coincedentally wuz put in2 a team of a buncha whacko’s juz like me.. im glad bydaway.. itz cuz i’ve neva met so many ppl who are juz like me! Soon, we became tha “pillow talk” gang that tha whole camp knew about.. Why>? Cuz we’ll sleep so blardy late n start bangin on otha pplz doorz n makin prank calls… plus! we even sat on one miserable bed n started talkin about u-noe-wut.. hmm.. u probly wudnt wanna noe.. we call it “THE TOPIC” =P


So yeah… letz tok about ma beloved team –subject2change– yeah babeh! datz ma team name! Ma dearest team matez (mostly membaz ov tha pillow talk gang) hv rawked ma camp momentz… credit goez 2namely Tim, Ryan, Shyen, Francine, Buvan n tha rest.. u noe why we neva had any brutus in out gang? Cuz ovv our atitudez – alwiz puttin us in2 priority! We neva pushed ourselvez too much but still came up wiv fantastic resultz! Lurve yall so muchie! *mmuackz*

Pillow talk gang! me, eric, beebee, buvan, ryan, tim, lien, shyen , jack n otherz…. we sure showed them huh?

kk.. enuf ovv tha parp… now letz get down 2business… i leant lotz there…. hmm.. interviewing skills, photography skillz, teamwork, porn (yeah.. thx 2da pillow talk gang) n people skills… it wuz kewl… such a short one aint it?

So ma family of vivacious BRAT’s, i’ll alwiz love ya… keep in touch yeah? Hv a gud attitude 2wardz life!