—- yerrrghhhh

Man, i didnt noe how i felt yestaday…. troubled, crushed, mixed, confused.. only ma frenz noe bout it… Hmm.. but hey, itz ova~! *schmilez*

anywayz, today wuz juz a day like any other… i PRAISE GOD dat ms. Koay wasnt in da hse!!!! *yeeehaw!!* wadeva. So yeah… a kinda controversial conversation cropped up.. yeah… THA MALAYSIAN IDOL issue… Hmm… truth to tell, i absolutely lorrrve Daniel… but, c’mon.. d one we’r voting here is the idol.. the singer… the malaysian starr~! tat is definately NOT daniel…. fullstop. Nita shall reign~! ^_^

type VOTE NITA and send to 33722

Malaysia depends on u!!!! you go~~~~~~~ do wat is right !!

ahh… so back 2ma ramblings.. i didnt noe wut got in2 me.. but, i started playin a lame prank on ppl… probly cuz i wuz so darn bored.. Hmm.. i took out tha nib ov ma highlighter, n askd ma classmates to test ma “new” highligther.. then they ended up scraping their textbookz… =P *muahaahahhah* pretty sick ey>? But i had fun… laughin with em’ but who has d last laugh>? THEM!! for ma notebook had pathetically absorbed tha ink frm tha nib! N there u have it… hideous blotches of pink…. arrggh crap! >_<

Hmmm… sumhow, i got tha nickname lemon today… cuz i wuz kinda sulky in tha aftanun n ma popcorn boo juz named me after that sour citrus fruit.. loike duhh… ma face wuz rlly sour itself~! Very apt… but hey, ur d popcorn!!! N hmm…. Binky! Luv frm, Hubbles! =P

More to come!