Continuation from my 1st session at My Body Secrets !

Technically, this is my 2nd week patronizing the place already. I have to say again about how I sense the homeliness and felt so cosy each time I stepped into their outlet here at Kota Damansara.


I know you've more or less seen photos of the place already when I first blogged about it but this time, Imma give you a video walkthrough! I don't know if I've mentioned about how nice and melancholic the songs are, throughout the entire session.



You can hear the song from the video! I don't know what song it is, but I sure do love it!

It's really relaxing and they also play other country, folk, blues and jazz songs to set the mood too 🙂



They will usually measure your weight each time you return from another session. It's wise to cut down on specific food intake especially Carbohydrates and not eat SO MUCH. This is because you burn fat healthily with the help of professionals here, so what's the point of stacking it all up again by eating like a King?


On the weighing machine! 😀


Bumped into a friend, Wilson, at the center too! 🙂 What a coincidence… looks like men are vain too! 😛 😛 Heck, practically anyone can go to My Body Secrets. Doesn't matter if you're fat, very fat, obese, extremely overweight or only have a little baby fat around your tummy, love handles or jiggly arms.

You can even just go there to tone yourself up!


My intended goal is to lose at least 5KG (more please!!)

I ain't to sure about him, I think he was put on a 15KG goal?


Hee. I sneaked a few pictures of him while he was semi-naked doing his treatment but was sworn to secrecy not to publish them on my blog. When I teased him by asking him why, he retorted "NOT DECENT MAAA!! I SO UGLY AND THE ANGLE ALSO NOT NICE.. DON'T WANT AHH!!" 😛 😛


Yes I know, was just kidding about posting your indecency in my blog, you Santa Claus!


The little lighted candle and towel on each of the beds!



Yay! I found out that I got the same person who 'did me' the 1st week. LOL

As I mentioned before, I liked how the staff are always so attentive, gracious and have excellent customer service!


Mary and I even made fast friends

On another note : I look freakin weird! Just like I came outta the bathroom or something 😛


Now this is where it gets a little personal, ey?

It's what you peeps don't see behind the curtains!


Gotta wear a shower cap so that your sweat doesn't get into your hair and such!

Check out Mary bundling me up in plastic cling wrap 🙂


She's damn strong I tell ya, the vibration was really powerful 🙂 Just like a good massage

It's a thingy called the G5 where all my stubborn fats and cellulite were to broke down!

woo hooo! Begone I tell ya… begone! 😀 😀


All these special and expensive treatments are actually just an add-on to the healthy diet and lifestyle that you yourself must ensure you follow.My Body Secrets always puts health first, and thus.. automatically helping you lose the extra unsightly fats & weight. No point going for all these professional treatments and then smoke like a chimney, drink like a sillyfish and eat like it's the last day on planet Earth 🙂

Makes sense right?



Am about to be cooked and marinaded!

haha kidding. it's an inside joke 😀

I'm actually all wrapped up and oiled with Ginseng inside a heat blanket 🙂 This is where all your fats and toxins get perspired out.

So wish me luck! 😀 I wanna be back to my initial weight of 50kg+ . Apparently for my height, I was told that my perfect BMI (Body Mass Index) is 55KG. But I wanna be a skinny bitch LOL so there! I know My Body Secrets can guide me to a healthy weight!


Oh and good news!

I am STILL giving away vouchers for a treatment + full consultation worth RM388 per voucher FOR FREE to you gurls (and guys) who feel like giving this a try! No harm in losing weight healthily right? Why don't you give something your body needs? 🙂 Hey, it's better than the intense pressure and whatever one goes through on The Biggest Loser Asia.




have fun at your session!


Head on to their Facebook fanpage for more info 🙂