Ta-da! Guess where I am now? 😀



En route to Prince Hotel & Residencies! 🙂 Camwhoring in the car, best thing to do while stuck in a traffic jam on the way down town 😀 Since I was heading to a really swanky bar, imma be decked in gold-ish wear for a change. These lovelies are all by accessories extraordinaire, Soak Republic!


Love their Angel Ring & Black n Gold Pearl Bangles!

Shop  for more of 'em at  www.soakrepublic.com 😀



So anyway, I was invited by Prince Hotel & Residence KL to wine and dine their Mezzanine Bar & Lounge! After work, I made my way to the 2nd floor of the Hotel to check out the place. It was really a fine example of a cosmopolitan spot to chill with a glass balcony overlooking the hotel lobby


Pumped up the warming filters in photoshop!


Just HAD to put this picture because someone looks so funny!

Pay attention to my background, candid moment yo 😛 😛


Wine was served too! 🙂


The boss Andrew and the head chef Donald J. Pezar dropped by to have a nice chit chat with us over some drinks too! It was fun talking to them and the whole lot of us stayed for so many hours just chilling and having a good time enjoying the atmosphere.




*Psst* Allow me to quote Andrew,


"It's a really great place to hang out in fact. Quiet and not so public.

It's also a good place for a rendezvous or a my-wife-is-not-around dates

where nobody will ever catch you!"


How about if my-boyfriend-is-not-around-dates with two American men?

LOL Kidding! Their wives will probably come running after me with a rolling pin 😛



AHAHHAHA good one about the rendezvous Andrew! But jokes aside, it is most definitely a nice place for romantic and casual dates over some light food and mega-awesome concoctions of drinks! Alcoholic or non alchoholic, it's your call! 🙂


I enjoyed my strawberry cocktail!

if i ain't wrong it's a mix of mint, tequila and strawberry in a chilled glass



Chef DJ then walked in and surprised us with a plate full of delish finger food! If my tastebuds prove me right, we had Prawn Cocktails, Cheese Sticks, Curry Puffs and more pastry 😀


My fave was the Cheese Sticks! Nom nom.. so rich and warm!



It was also a great setting for a relaxing mood as their jazzy resident band, Soul Intent was playing fabulous songs all night long for us! The lead singer Atilia Sarani was really good.  I loved her mesmerizing voice when she belted out Sara Bareilles's Love Song as well as other songs by Michael Buble and George Michael among the rest.


with more than 10 years of experience, she puts the soul in this Mezzanine Bar & Lounge 😀

She's friendly too! She sat down and chilled with us at our table


Oh, and I got to know that Soul Intent performs every night from Monday to Saturday around 8pm onwards. She performs till midnight during weekends of Friday and Saturday! I'm definitely gonna bring my girls for a nice quiet and cosy chillout session here soon 🙂


Mei Yee and I with our Strawberry Cocktails enjoying the jazz music!


You can go in a pair, or in a whole group of your buddies! Check out this very serene looking and family portrait groupshot we took together! Love it D We haven't had one in ages!


Everyone looks so poise and cheerful here

Now if only Atilia the jazz songstress was in this piccie, it would be all the more complete!



Thanks for the great time, the food, the fabulous assorted cocktails and most of all, the great company. I'll be back to *cough* rendezvous here with my other girlfriends! hahaha 😀 Time for a change to something more 'atas' ain't it? Hitting the clubs all the time can be really tiring, sweaty and stinky. 😀


You'll see me patronizing your lounge again.. fo shure!


p/s : Notice the new effects, old-skool looking shots alongside the supersharp & vibrant photos in this blogpost? 😀 😀 Hehe 😛 Say hello  to my new shutter sidekick is the Olympus Pen EPL-1 😀

Will share all that it can do with you soon!

But for now, anticipate 😀