No, I cannot believe it. 2011 has now come to an end – just like that?



It ain't no cliche but the start of 2011 felt like it was just yesterday.

Okay fine, lets be more realistic; maybe it felt like it was only last month LOL


Anyway, imma take a look at last year in retrospect : my most memorable, favorite blogposts I've written in 2011! For loyal/long-time readers, have a blast re-reading them & for newcomers, welcome! I hope you enjoy them & do keep reading!



Attended a fancy masquerade ball in Le Meridian hotel. Went to Bali for the 1st time.

Got mistaken for a terrorist in JW Marriott hotel. 




Celebrated Chinese New Year with thefockers and thehomies.

Arrived in Melbourne, Australia – 1st time being so far away from home!

Went clubbing in Melbourne for the 1st time




Spent my 1st St. Patricks Day celebration abroad.

Brought Facebook to real life with my Aussiemates.

Embraced nature & the laidback lifestyle in countryside Gippsland





Shot the full moon in the middle of the night. Experienced the worst moment in Sydney airport.

Spent Easter Day with my Sydney relatives.

Dedicated a birthday VLOG to my best friend in UK. Went to a strip club for the 1st time



Had my 1st taste of Greek cuisine in Melbourne.

 Earned a High Distinction (HD) for my fiction writing unit.

Spent a beautiful summer & autumn with my Aussiemates.

Tried acrylic painting on canvas for the 1st time – and painted a cat! LOL




Visited the Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge! Got stuck in extremely thick mud with my Aussiemates

Was stalked in Melbourne for 7 hours. "Victimized" to Asian stereotypes whilst in Australia




Ate kangaroos, rabbits & camels for the 1st time.

Had the most amazing birthday-farewell with my Aussiemates. 

Got forced to eat Vegemite – a signature Aussie thing. Attended King Tutankhamun's Rise of the Pharaohs




Got another body mod: the Industrial Piercing.

Tried fire-twirling in a abandoned coal mine. Interviewed a DJ from USA.




Returned to Melbourne for le boyfie & my Aussiemates

Had my 1st snow experience up on the mountains – EVER.

Attended Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Label party




Experienced my 1st time in Newcastle. Landed back in Malaysia

Attended legendary Trance DJ Paul Van Dyk's gig & electro-house maestro Laidback Luke's gig.




Bore myself a son. Went crazy over Nike & Adidas kicks.

Had my 1st time aboard the world-famous Norwegian historic sailing vessel




Attended an insane post-Halloween party as a zombie.

Experienced my 1st time playing host to Australian guests to Malaysia

Became Kronenbourg 1664's Official Blogger. Experienced a glamorous French affair


Other amazing things which happened throughout the year includes –


Getting a tattoo on my ribcage, attended Pitbull and Ferry Corsten's gig, got myself a new touch screen Blackberry, attended the FREEZE show of ice, magic and excitement up in Genting Highlands, moved to a spanking new crib with amazing housies & attended the annual Zouk Out beach rave party in Singapore……

of which I haven't blogged about yet 🙁


New Year Resolutions anyone?

Not really a fan but here's a few of mine that I intend to *actually* achieve:


1. Blog more frequently


2. Re-adopt my reading habits


3. Gym religiously


4. Be more prudent in expenditure $$


5. Re-acquire my shutterbug habits


That being said, I wish you an amazing 366 days ahead of ya'll.

Had a fab countdown last night? I sure did  If 2011 didn't kick ass, make sure it does this year, aight?

Take a deep breath, embrace 2012's splendours – and challenges – with a bold smile. Happy new year folks!


With love,