Randomly, I bet you peeps are wondering what an unpatriotic prick I am as there was not a single trace of Merdeka postings of any sort on my blog. Haha! In fact, I was working on a Vlog in conjunction with Merdeka but ya know what they say about holidays – they turn you into a lazy slob and a party animal. 😀


Guilty as charged 😛 😛




My very 1st attempt of a Vlog. Very amateurish crap piece of work I know.


The transitions, effects n synchronization of audio n visuals fail FML and I talk funny -__- but i'll brush up on my skills! 😀 Hehe. One's gotta start somewhere ya know, and it ain't gonna be a piece of cake for a n00b 1st timer 😀 😀


So anyway! I was at Penang celebrating Independance Day with the homies. The entire bunch of us ushered Merdeka in style, laser lights and plenty of booze. Like I mentioned in the video, last night was just crayyyyzieee.



Yup, it was raining in the club alright – the clouds were blasting laser beams from the sky!




For those not in the know, Voodoo is the latest dance club & bar in the clubbing square of Upper Penang Road. The moment I stepped in, I was amazed by the interior decor and build up of the place. It was formerly a club called Momo, which was torn down sometime back in 2009.


And now it reopened with a boom! So much bigger, more impressive & fab lighting.



with my bestie Joyce and Chris!



It was crazy! Though I felt funny lugging the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian Flag) into the club, I was pleasantly surprised to see a significant number of peeps at nearby tables doing the same :D



Now that's the spirit!


Happy 53rd Malaysia!

This year will be my last year celebrating Independance Day in Malaysia itself 🙁




Had crazy ass fun with the homies as usual – an imperative with each visit back to Penang! 😀

3 bottles altogether within 2 tables. But no one got tipsy this time round. It must be the Merdeka spirit kickin' in






If you're a Malaysian reading this, you don't know how lucky we are that we live in a (relatively) peaceful and economically, socially and politically stable country 😀


At least we ain't living in shackles confined within boundries of a hunger stricken and war torn nation!


Cheers to that!



With my babes partying the night away



National anthems, state anthems and various patriotic songs were booming through the speakers the entire night! I must say, it does sound kinda funky all remixed with some crazy-arse bass beats. Thumbs up!




Okay last piccie for the road! 😀




We retired to the mamak and hit the sack soon after

Am heading off to dad's biz partner's Hari Raya open house for lunch now. Rendang, nasi lemak, ketupat here I come! 😀