Happy Foursquare Day folks! Today is the official Social Media holiday as you all know 😀

Congratulations to my fellow Foursquarers and Twitterers who officially unlocked the Foursquare Day badge!

Why is the 4th of April declared the official Foursquare Day? (#4sqDay)


Foursquare = 4square = 42 = 4 (16)


Okay! Before I bombard you with photos and stories of the event, here's the dirt for those not in the know. Foursquare is the next big thing in social networking! This location service-based social network-come-game gives you & your friends new ways of exploring your city. Earn points & unlock badges for discovering new things! (most Twitterers are Foursquarers by the way) 🙂

What it does in effect is to tell you where your friends are and add a little fun to going out in the evening. It's like Google Lattitude meets a little bit of Facebook and a touch of Twitter

The venue that hosted our mighty swarm organized by a group of Foursquarers was none other than @starbucksMY Uptown Damansara, PJ! Thanks to Starbucks, we gathered together, checked in and all almost hundred of us managed to unlock the Swarm Badge a few hours ago!

A Swarm Badge is gathered when more than 50 people check in at the same place!

Way to go fellow Foursquarers 😀



[ end of basic information ]



All photos here onwards are shot entirely with my new shutter sidekick

Enjoy it's retro & pretty art filters! 😀 Especially the Pin Hole effects, Grainy Film & Sephia



Roughly around after-work hours, there were already a few Foursquarers gathering at the scene early. I could slowly see the build-up of people checking in at Starbucks from my BB as I was driving on my way there. First thing I saw was that 5 people had arrived.. then 12.. then 23… then built up to 42..


Us colorful people with crazy-wide smiles 😀 😀

@satkuru @danielctw @diese mememe @benjicajess! @aaronwoolala @smashpop @cincauhangus @spinzer



More camwhore time with friends! 😀

@walauwei @joshuaongys @bryanlyt @diese @spinzer



With some more familiar faces

@joshlim @jonykt @arinarizz mememe @benjicajess @mynjayz



And by the time I arrived, there were already 70 ++ people in the house! Easily, any Foursquarer who checks in after the 50th mark will unlock the Swarm Badge! Heck, that was our main goal of the night – apart from having fun & enjoying the night away in kinship with our buddies!


Super alot of people! Others outside might be wondering what the commotion was all about



I managed to find myself a little parking spot directly in front of Starbucks! Talk about luck! Hohoho. Was kinda prepared to park 70 meters away and walk myself there O_O But whee lucky me 😀


Stupid tree. Why dya have to look so eerie? 😛



After camwhoring & mingling with the rest of my buddies, the Scavenger Hunt game was about to begin. @lightyoruchi began briefing the participants on the rules of the game, how to play it, the available clues and so on.


Being slightly late, I had missed out the chance to play. But it's okay! 😀 I can order my current fave cuppa Tea Latte, decaff Mint + Chamomile while chillin with the other latecomers 😀 Perfectly blended, warm and creamy – just the way I want it!



@icednyior mentioned to me she preferred the Orange one!



When all the participants knew what to do, where to go and what to twitpic… they were off with the 1st batch of clues on the cue of dragon @lightyoruchi! Notice his beard? He tied it in a braid – uber cute LOL

Back at you dragon 😛 😛



I idled around my buddies and watched them crack the clues. Seriously now, a buncha youths huddling their heads together with all kinda mobile smartphones pointing towards each other! There were a myriad of Blackberries, iphonys, whoops I meant iPhones, HTCs, Nokias and lotsa other mobile data enabled device


When they were busy staring intently at their cellphone screen and looking at each other with puzzled faces,

I camwhored!


Peek-a-boo! 😀

Hmmmmmmm.. dunno what's so funny!

haw haw haw



Looks like someone has obtained #4sq Mayorship somewhere!


Random photo. Simply because I feel their shoes look nice and the Olympus PEN E-PL1 is capable of capturing every moment, even if it's just a pretty pink pair of Crocs – and a glowing white bedroom slippers 😛



The moment everyone left in search of the next few clues – which led them almost 100 meters running round the block, the entire Starbucks was awkwardly empty for a moment! Except the baristas and a couple of other random people though


Hark who goes there? 😀



Time passed, and no one was back yet! Looks like it's a hard nut to crack, deciphering the clues! So @spinzer @shazfx @icednyior and a few others stayed back to hang around the place while waiting for them…


A Starbucks without the Twitterers + Foursquarers can be deserted!



I swear even the baristas had a I-stare-at-you, you-stare-back-at-me moment 😛

When everyone began to roll in one by one with their sweaty faces, they were all parched and exhausted. They had to check in again and consolidate the proof of Twitpics and so on. There was yet another round of a huge commotion upstairs Starbucks.


@nigelais was videoing everything from the beginning till now!



Saw really pretty bears in a Starbucks hamper!

I bet the winners are gonna get 'em.. Lucky souls! 😀




Yup, I was right. Finishing in 1st place was this team! Congrats for being such sports running like a madman/woman drenched with sweat to win this 😛 😛 😛

Woo hoo you peeps deserve it!


All in all, I had a great time. Was nice to rekindle with some old friends, continued chillaxing with the buddies and of course, made new friends along the way……….


Nice to tweet you too, @spicyguy!


Ooohh! Another random photo 😛

@spinzer hiding his BIG TUMMY away from my camera! 😛



After the announcement of the winners, it was a free and easy time for us to mingle around. I sat around @icednyior who was trying to teach me how to play Monopoly Deal. It's like Monopoly but NOT Monopoly. Err? LOL

Oooh anyway, here's the Starbucks Corridor peeps! 😛


@mynjayz @euveng @shanzilla @mikecampton mememe @benjicajess @spinzer

chit-chattng & enjoying the breeze after #4sqdayKL ended! 😀



Happy Foursquare Day again fellas

Much love 😀