All Hallows Day is here again!
Yep, I absolutely love love love Halloween.


Yes I know Halloween was almost two weeks ago, but I’ve been occupied with other stuff and as most of you know, I’ve been involved in a road accident. So here you go!


So after I graduated from high school, the folks approved of my nightlife. I love partyin, semi-retiring now.. I guess? hohoho =D And Halloween has always been a party for me

2007 – Rodeo Cowgurl
[click here for last year’s Halloween’s entry]

2008 – Pirate

I was supposed to dress up as above this year, but I had to work to cover three Halloween events. Cos it’s kinda troublesome to be dressed in the complete gear and working at the same time. So I decided not to go with the full set

My 1st stop for the night –

3G : It’s a cafe in E-Gate, Penang.
Lesser crowd, kinda slumber but the drinks are good!

The staff were also aptly dressed according to Halloween


Oh ffs, there was this ANNOYING old uncle who kept beckoning me to go over to his table to show him my camera. And he kept questioning me on how I take my photos. Like, excuse me?

UNCLE : eh.. eh. come here girl, come come
JESS : huh? what? okay.. whatsup

UNCLE : you shouldn’t take like this .. blablabla.. you should take like that… blabla.. take like me.. nicer
JESS : (slightly agitated) Err.. yeeeahhh.

UNCLE : see? come come, I show you how to take properly. My style

-and the photo he captured was absolutely out of focus, he didn’t even know how to use my flash neither did he know how to change the shutter speed-

UNCLE : eh? why like that wan? what mode are you using? you should use ‘auto’ ! very easy only.. no need to learn anything wan..
JESS : Well, I’ve always used ‘manual’ and I’m doing fine thank you very much. If I wanted to use ‘auto’ I would’ve just used a normal Point&Shoot camera -_-

UNCLE : Aiyaaaa.. what camera are you using? You should buy.. blablabla.. its better.. blabla… easier to use… blabla.. and then you should take from this angle.. blabla.. hold it this way easier.. blabla.. picture SURE come out like mine.. all nice-nice.. blabla…
JESS : (extremely turned off) err.. thanks but, I don’t need you to tell me how to do my job. Why don’t you take over?

UNCLE : haha. err.. nolah, err.. just joking.
JESS : Your sense of humour is just insanely pathetic. Oops haha I was just joking.

and i walked off.

Anyway, enough about him.

Spiderwebs were seen plastered across the walls and by the bar


I absolutely love the effort put into the decor
of 3G cafe.

The crowd slowly started to roll in one by one, but too bad none of them dressed up. =/ Anyway, I left for the next event after I snapped everything I wanted.

My 2nd stop –

B.E.D : It’s a cafe in Belissa Row, Penang
The drinks here are good too, including the newly launched food!

The decor there were even better I reckon. Voodoo dolls were hung in rows on the walls and tombstones were hung from the ceilings.

My fave voodoo doll :

i like.

Camwhored with some of the staff from BED, as they were all dressed up too!

Pirate Jess with the jokers

Hellboy Red and Pirate Jess

Oh and, I met my tattoo artists chilling there too!

Zac and Rocky from Mandala

Business was great that night, streams of people came in and it was full-house! Oh and take a look at Joker, joking with his friends. (pun unintended)

Joker in his own element [caught red-handed]

Spotted another one of the eerie decor

How sorrowful. That’s what you get for breaking his golf set
*evil laughter*
Happy halloween, dollface

After a few hours there,
I headed to my 3rd and final stop –

MOIS : It’s Penang’s hottest & most popular club
Always filled with fun-loving party people almost everynight
The bartender was painted with green
i LOLed the moment I saw him

So were the waiters… AHAHAHAHAH
no, you don’t scare me

bumped into my college senior – Julian!

I was actually impressed at the extent people would go to dress up for Halloween. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! The spirit of Halloween looms the night!!

Ahh..simply beautiful.

Check out the realism being brought into is character!
Now, THATs something I would do. I wonder if I’m workin next Halloween.. hmm…
or.. not? *winks*

Party on, and welcome to Mois!

witchcraft ladies, a pirate (me) and the living deads
all different elements from different worlds!

Another one of Mois staff and I

the witch & the pirate meets

Camwhored with my bosses just before I left for home :

Pirate Jess with (idk-what-creature-that-is) boss Selva

Pirate Jess & boss ZombieBride Priscillia

oh and for the record, I do not upload pictures of people partying or clubbing.
It was an agreement.


-all photos branded are shot & copyrighted by JessicaTan-
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