So it was my first time in Newcastle yesterday.

And no, it's not the Newcastle in the United Kingdom – it's the one in New South Wales, Australia!


All thanks to le boyfie, who insisted to take me to Newcastle and Fanny's! 

Apparently he and his best friend, Brent, often go to Fanny's during their younger days.


There was an Eye Candy event ongoing last night too.

Lucky me!


Think : Muscular boys with rippling biceps and washboard abs  in leotards and bowties.

Oh and for the boys: Topless girls poledancing and sexy Playboy Bunny waitresses.


By the bar


Playboy bunny event lovebed LOL

OMG BUBBLES!! 😀 The bubble machine just went on and on all night.


Seductive acts and dances were performed atop this bed too.

I wonder how much the patrons had to pay the pole dancers to have their own private dance? 😛


Me in front of the pretty pink bed!


LOL I saw this and thought it was a real person at first.

Until I looked closely at the photo


Le Boyfie and his best mate, Brent


my Konzy gettin' a lil wacky LOL


So we danced all night, shuffled, jumpstyled and downed lots of drinkies.

The crowd was pretty fun too! The Playboy Bunnies and Leotard Hunks were amongst us 😀 😀


Also, the music was rather good. Mainstream R&B were playing with a twist of House and Electro tracks.


Taking a well deserved break after all that mad dancing.

LOL I like this photo cos I look skinner than usual squeeeeee!! 


With the Newcastle homeboys my Konzy and Brent 😀


Brent and I


So we left Fanny's just before 3AM and grabbed some grub at McDonalds.

Or should I say, Maccas? 😀


All in all, my first time in Fanny's proved to be a smashing night.

Hey, it's not as seedy as everyone says it is. It's actually really, really fun. With lotsa hotties too 😛


Great night out, boys! Thanks for bringing me there 😀