The beadzone showcase was a fabulously new experience and entirely eye-opening to me. Finally, I gave in to what everybody has been encouraging me to; enter the modeling industry.

Not that it was the event of my life, but hey, it’s worth a start and a start well worth it. =) My confidence soared and I realised that I wasn’t a bundle of nerves as I thought I would be. Gosh, I adore the camera and I’m pretty sure most people would know by my Friendster page and blog by now. Exuding confidence and being the closest epitome possible to inside-out beauty with brains will always be something I’d be working well to achieve. Ahaha.. baby steps first!

Let the show begin!

My supposed partners for the catwalk—


Which turned out into a threesome instead!
Haha.. oh boy, ain’t you lucky to “own” two lovely ladies all to yourself when everyone else has only one?

The casual wear part – dang, forgot the Beadzone accessories!

Alls well, ends well!

Yepyep, the bevy of ladies. Oh, btw the lovely lady beside me is my bestie Stephanie! She’s the one with the crown from her previous pageant… all the dudes out there get ready!! She’s single now! (I’m doing you a favour pal, it’s unpaid advertisement =P)

Though tiring, it was fun nonetheless