By walking further into the path of life, I have come to learn so much more about myself and how to handle life’s obstacles with ease. And what has enlightened me yesterday has compelled me to write this line of theory:

Sometimes, it’s not the best quality of a catch that wins;
it’s the matters of the heart that prevails

God is fantastic as He speaks to us in so many ways that we never even knew existed. He sends us subliminal messages in hopes that we as mortals are able to comprehend and interpret.  I can certainly bear witness for that.  In times when I am in doubt of anything or face any internal conflict, He will single-handedly and miraculously show me the answer to my predicament. Don’t ask mewhat happened, for I refuse to recall or even recap.

Anyways, had a fantastic time with you yesterday. Before, during, and after the outing. Dear, sorry again for misbehaving. Won’t happen anymore, because I honestly was unaware about how it will upset you. *love&kisses*

Hmm… hey!  Technically, we shared our very first dance together! =P hahaha! Oh wait. Oops. We already had our first dance together – back in 2004.

In my relationship with the love of my life Benj, many a time have we faced challenges and external interference along the way. But by experiencing obstacles of such, it merely puts our love and relationship to test and yes, I’m more than proud to say this again,”Benjica still reigns supreme” Strong as ever!! We’ll remain this way always yea boo? =)

Such disturbing occurances have made me understand my weaknesses better and hence, to rectify them. Glad to have you by my side darling, to carry me through. Don’t ask what happened, I shall answer to no one. All that matters now is that I won the battle.