Exams are finally over and I’m proud to say that I think I did well. I can’t wait for my 3rd semester! *grins*


Hmm.. what was I even planning to do? Ooyeah, do my hair! That’s because I’m pretty bored of it. =P I don’t feel like waking up in the morning seeing the same ol’ thing in the mirror. As mirrors are meant to be, it always reflects yourself and myself ain’t conventional.


Spent time with Benj before I left for work and hey darl, I loved it. =) So cosy and comfy


On the night after the finals were over, I joined my group of GAP buddies to a midnight move – The Invisible Target. *pauses* I ain’t a really big fan of Chinese movies but this one’s not bad. Seriously, it stars the eye-candy Nicholas Tze!

Apart from his gorgeousness that kept me glued to the screen, the movie was exciting with lots of action in it.


I came back in the dead of the night with dad nagging my ears off.

Not nice.


Alright, back to my crowning glory =)


I was scheduled for my hair appointment at eXtreme hair saloon at 11am. Frankly, I couldn’t be any blurrer, as I hadn’t had enough beauty sleep the night before. Upon reaching the mall, Ragu waved at me. Huh?? I totally forgot that he was working at the StudioR roadshow.


Spending an insane 7 hours there ain’t exactly up my alley; but hey, it was well worth it. I had fun chatting with my stylist – the art director. Yeah, I requested that he did my hair for me because I ain’t having some amateur chopping off my locks with the sides protruding or accidentally dyeing my hair green and pink with yellow polka-dots. I mean, c’mon. Get real. It’s your HAIR we’re talking about here. You too, wouldn’t want your precious locks to be an experiment variable would you?

Anyhow, take my hand and I’ll let you experience what I did.


We started of with an intense discussion on how I wanted my hair to be; what colour, style, length and whatnot. After what seemed like years of discussing, I finally made my decision. Woo-hoo on your marks, get set, go!

Sayonara to my long tresses! He was impressively deft with his mighty scissors and I couldn’t have felt more pleased with my choice of stylist. After all, he is THE ONE in that saloon. Pardon me on my fussiness, I’ve had bad experiences with proletarian stylists before and I ain’t gonna spend my RM500 cash regretting this one as well.


 That’s me after I had my hair cut done.. now, off to the colourmaster!

Uhmm.. am I supposed to feel royal, or was i supposed to look like something from a recycling bin???

Mwahaaa.. I’m done! finally.. now, may I go pee? =)

 < /span>