Let the F1 craze begin!


I headed down to Sepang in the sweltering weather – forgetting  all about my sunnies, cap, brolly and neither had any sunblock slapped on! >__< But being a total girl aside, I came this far with only one thing in mind. To watch the F1 drivers in the flesh on the race circuit during their practice session!



I swear I could hear them a mile away. The deafening sounds of the race cars heightened my adrenalin even more! I'm that much closer to them 😀 😀 Oh and if you are going to Sepang to watch the Grand Prix later today or tomorrow, remember to wear your earplugs.

Or at the very least, stuff baby carrots in your ears 😛



Walked past the tents and official formula 1 team merchandise store en route


They had soft drinks & poppycorns for sale!

(hint : the poppycorns can be used to stuff in your ears too, if it gets too loud!)


There were lotsa gates open in preparations for today & tomorrow's big event

All for the hoards and hoards of F1 fanatics!


and I'm here! 😀

With a whole lot of other people


Piccies or it ain't true! 😛 I made my way to the photo wall to grab a piccie. Now, if only Schuey was standing on my left and Rosberg on my right! It would then be a picture perfect one wouldn't it? 😀


All set and ready to rumble!


My 1st stop was at the podium, where all those 200 decibel car engine sounds were roaring away. All those fancy-pancy race cars were whizzing past me and for a split of a second, I was stumped 😀 I'm ACTUALLY HERE! Woo hoo


A Renault coming its way!



The F1 teams & their drivers were going lapping at breakneck speed. T'was really tough initially to capture them in motion, but heck, I managed anyway 😀 Spot the speeding Red Bull Racing!


Sleek. <3


The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes *squeals* Lewis Hamilton!



Do I see our Malaysian F1 Lotus aka 1 Malaysia team ahead of him? Stay that way okay?

Yes, I can be rather patriotic… AT TIMES!  🙂 🙂


Brooooooom brooooooom!




Check out the Ferrari 😉 😉

Sexy. And blazing red!



Do we hear another squeal for Lewis Hamilton? 😀 😀

Go Vodafone McLaren Mercedes!



Sorry I can't help but to digress. Shiny sleek beauties aside, I caught sight of something really adorable


One can never be too young to be an F1 Fan!


End of digression.




The BMW Sauber 😀 Go go Pedro De La Rosa!


Robert Kubica from Renault F1 Team came in 4th placing in the Malaysian GP 😀



Let's take a look at the tag team now, shall we?


Vitantonio Liuzzi


From Force India!


Adrian Sutil bagged the 5th place for Malaysian GP



Next up! The Red Bulls! One Red Bull Racing & one Scuderia Toro Rosso 😀


Introducing Sebastian Vettel the winner of 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix!


Jaime Alguersuari



Finally, the Mercedes GP Petronas F1 team, Nico Rosberg who finished 3rd placing!



And the star, back after a 3 year hiatus…




(who did not qualify on Sunday's race! sigh)



Let's muster our patriotism and cheer for our very own Malaysian F1 Team, Lotus Racing aka 1 Malaysia!


cheers to Jarno Trulli



Okay enough! 😀 Leaving to the Grand stand area now


Bye bye!

Took my last Renault shot before I adjourned


Oh, and if you were wondering how I seemed to have memorized the driver's names (let alone the spelling!) ,

their teams & cars, special thanks goes to Mike & Bart for helping me identify the drivers!



Spotted some very loyal Ferrari fans with their life-sized flags on my way out



How can I not have picture with them? 😀 So much spirit in the house!



Woo hoo!

Which team are YOU rooting for this time? 🙂




Okie! Crossed over to the other side and here I am at the Grand Stand 🙂


Still empty! Woo hoo! 😀

Almost had the whole place to meself. heh



If you've got yourself Grand Stand tickets for tomorrow, this is where you'll be!


hee. Lomo-ed it a lil 😛



Mike and I camwhoring at the somewhat empty Grand Stand




Seeeeee the tiny red car? 😀


Soon after, the commentators announced through the loudspeakers that there will be fighter jetplanes by the Royal Malaysian Air Force – the Smokey Bandits,  for us all to watch throughout the 3 day! The thunderous sound coming from that aeronautical showcase was deafening! Heck, everything was pretty deafening today if you ask me 🙂

Even the people were yelling at the top of their lungs just to talk to each other 😀






Some extra pictures of the Grand Stand area.

My right view and my left view



Aight, time to adjourn now! Check out this lil model Umbrella Girl wannabe. This Grid Girl… Adorable much? 😀


Daddy became her photographer of the day



Just before exiting Sepang Race Circuit. If you noticed, I'm soaked wet. Yup, there was a heavy downpour midway and everyone (including yours truly) ran for cover! But as you can see, I didn't make in time to the shelter. AND IT DOESN'T HELP THAT I WAS WEARING A WHITE TANK TOP! >__<


Okay in this piccie you can't see anything overexposed YAY

Totally had to delete the rest 🙁 Damn.



Goodbye! Hope you guys enjoy the show!

Something came up, so here I am back in my hometown. Won't be able to make it tonight & tomorrow

Say hello to Wyclef Jean and Fat Boy Slim to me 😀 😀