It's time for some night classes yo!

Care to teach this keen student a thing or two she doesn't know? 😉


Show her what you've got.


LOLOL Aight, enough shitting. Classes really did start already for me this week.

If you bother to know at all, I'm taking Media Audiences, Cultural & Communications Policy, E-Journalism and Writing Techniques this semester.


I had half the mind to skip class the next morning…..


After these "classes" last night *wink*

hubba hubba! 😀


But nnnnnno!

It's mind over matter. I didn't just come here to knock myself out and party every night.

I also came here to earn my Bachelor's degree. *beams proudly* 😉

So I managed to drag myself outta bed thanks to this compelling yet annoying force of a conscience I have. Grrr.


Anyway, let me introduce yo some of my "class"mates for tonight's party!

Where fun is our major and alco shots are homework 😀


Verity and I after getting all dolled up 😀


I'm loving how Abraham looks tonight! 😀

Say hello to the preppy schoolboy!


We started having some fun on the kitchen counter ala girls gone wild 😛

It was fun! Since back2skool saw most of us dressing up as sexy students and teachers


can you handle us? 😛

Deana looked hawtttt in her costume!


double take!


And speaking of which,

I swear Absinthe should be made legal in Malaysia!

That green fairy hit me like a bullet train. Seeing stars? I love


Absinthe, the motherload of all drinks




SKYY Vodka was in the house too


Kon looked sharp that night too.

Something reminded me of Harry Potter LOLOL  😛


After our pre-drinks session, some of us were already smashed before even getting into the party!

Easyy mate, easy!!! 😀 The fun hasn't begun just yet wootwoot!


Nerds on the loose!

What's the equation? Do the math.


LOLOL Danny was so tipsy that he made everyone kiss him!

On chat yesterday, he didn't believe me when I told him he was doing that all night!


I wish someone would vouch for me muahahahaha


Thankfully, Bardha backed me up!

Yes Danny, you did kiss everyone last night hahahaha


With Jade and Todd resting on the couch!


My feet hurt real bad that night.

Might as well go barefoot and looking like a homeless person but feeling comfortable! Hmph.

Sometimes I wonder, why do girls even bother wearing high heels or boots when on the inside we're all hurting beneath that glamorous facade 🙁


My point illustrated.


Anyway, I tried shrugging my pain aside in hopes to enjoy the party.


I am not walking on pins and needles I am not walking on pins and needles

I am not walking on pins and needles

I am not walking on pins and needles I am not walking on pins and needles

I am not walking on pins and needles I am not walking on pins and needles

I am not walking on pins and needles


That mantra struck me that very night. Hmmm… it has it powers 😛


Took off my 4-inch high heeled boots, danced and head-banged the night away with Kon


What could be better than having good and fun company?

I was feeling very moody for the 1st hour of the party (don't ask) but gradually, I was cheered up and ended up enjoyed myself so much! Woot woot!


Allyce, me and Kon


I don't even remember when this photo was even taken.

A friend sent it to me. I look so smashed & cross-eyed it's not even funny LOL


The party ended pretty late, just as it did with Monday night's beach party, but I didn't stay that late.

A few of us headed back to rez earlier for some snoooozes 😉


Thank you for reading boys and girls, class is dismissed 🙂

See you during recess! xoxo