Just got home and sippin a cuppa warm cocoa as we speak! Thanks to Air Asia Red Tix and Fat Boyz who managed to jet-set her down to Malaysia for a one-night only performance!  Here's a lil preview of what happened at the concert just now 🙂


Guitars seem a tad big for her, ain't it?


Zee Avi is incredibly adorable in person! She's so much tinier and petite than I expected her to be. Lotsa recording artistes may sound horrid in unplugged and live concerts but my, my, she busted an amazing performance live!




During the press conference, I asked her where she would be heading next this year. "I will be leaving to Australia this Thursday, and will be touring around Aussie throughout", Zee answered with a twinkle in her eye. Oh and, we also found out that this lil fun-sized lass hasn't found her Honey Bee yet!

Single men rejoice!


She then changed to a lil Ukulele instead!

Totally befits her size now 🙂



Her concert was amazing and bip-boppy all night long. The typa gig that will etch a smile on your face and get you in a very sing-a-long happy-go-lucky mood upon leaving. For those of you that hasn't heard of her, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEN? 😀 Go YouTube her now!


In the meantime, I shall hit the sack while you enthuse over her lovely jazzy-pop tunes 😀

Trust me, 'Bitter Heart' and 'Honey Bee' is love!


Me with my tag 😀 .

More tomorrow 😀 Goodnites!