She's Avril Lavigne – a name behind the songs almost every 90s kid grew up with in high school.

And Avril performed right in front of my very eyes! 


I wouldn't know about you, but I certainly spent my angsty teenage years rocking to her songs.



I used to be that 14 year old punk-rock girl clad in a neck-tie & fooling around with my guitar.

Almost a decade later, if you dig hard enough, I still have that streak within me, albeit suppressed.



At 9pm sharp, our fave Canadian punk-rocker Avril Lavigne turned up the heat when she ran up on stage and kick-started her 'Black Star Tour' concert with a very apt song – 'Black Star' 

Roars, cheers and whistles arose from the crowd – mostly comprising teenagers (and some parents!) as well as young adults.


She's sucha darling!


Do not be fooled by this petite lass'. 

She threw the crowd into a frenzy with her energetic and rockin' demeanor!


Avril performing 'What the Hell?'


As Avril's Black Star Tour was initially scheduled to be held on Valentines Day, the entire VIP section was decorated in lovey-dovey heart-shaped stuff all in red! 

Comfy couches, yummy food – I enjoyed the bruschetta! – and free flow of drinks 🙂


Happy Valentine's Day! 


The next song was something each and every Avril Lavigne fan will headbang to –


Avril rocking out with 'Sk8er Boi' 😀


Whilst singing the song midway, she surprised the crowd by breaking into cartwheels!

Squeee! Now that was cute 🙂


Avril singing 'He Wasn't' from her 2nd album, 'Under My Skin'


The next thing we knew, she disappeared from stage and brandished a bright red electric guitar when she re-appeared.

And voila! She burst into the rockin' guitar-driven 'I Get What I Want'.



It was wonderful watching her deftly strumming and plucking on her guitar! T'was so flawless 

When the scene faded to darkness, a huge piano was placed on stage 


Avril belting out 'Alice' with the melodious piano accompaniment


Trivia time!

If you didn't know, 'Alice' from the 4th studio album – Goodbye Lullaby – was written for Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'.



She proceeded with the popular 'When You're Gone' and the crowd sang-along with her with full gusto.

Yours truly included! :D


'When You're Gone'


'Wish You Were Here'


Like an energizer bunny, Avril jumped onstage and threw the crowd into a frenzy with her upbeat and quirky song, 'Girlfriend'

Everyone took her lead and jumped along while screaming the lyrics 


'Girlfriend' topped the Billboard Top 100 hits the moment it was released

off her 3rd album 'The Best Damn Thing' in 2007!


Hey hey, you you!

I don't like your girlfriend!

No way, no way!

I think you need a new one

Hey hey, you you!

I want to be your girlfriend!



Here's a video encapsulating a few of the songs she performed that night. Enjoy!



A montage of Avril's Black Star Tour in Malaysia


Everyone waved their official green starlight in sync with her song!


I've always found the lyrics really brash and something that depicts a girl knowing just exactly what she wants

Well, that girl is Avril and I love her gutsy personality.



She then sang a beautiful cover of 'Airplanes' by B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams before fusing it with her popular number 'Happy Ending'.

It was lovely! 🙂 Both songs seemed perfect when sang together.


She then strapped on her kick-ass guitar again


And taught the crowd how to rock real hard!


Did you think that I was gonna give it up to you, this time?
Did you think that it was somethin' I was gonna do,and cry?
Don't try to tell me what to do
Don't try to tell me what to say
You're better off that way


A line from 'Don't Tell Me'. One of my favorite songs of Avril's! 

She then introduced her bandmates to the rest of us


Jim McGorman on rhythm guitar, Steve Fekete on lead guitar, Al Berry on bass,

Rodnew Howard on percussions and Steve Ferlazzo on keyboards



She also announced to all of us that today was her last day of the Black Star Tour and that Avril, alongside with her band are gonna gonna give it their all! 🙂 🙂 Can you take us any higher Avril?

She then dedicated a song "to all the crazy bitches out there".


Any guesses on which song it is?

"You know that I'm a crazy bitch!

I do what I want when I feel like it.."


Ring any bells yet?


It's her 2nd single from her 4th studio album 'Goodbye Lullaby' – 'Smile'! 🙂


Even her tank top bears the word SMILE!


Her next song was lovely, no doubt. Avril tweaked her song 'I'm With You' into a more personal version dedicated to the people she was performing for today! 🙂


I'm with you, Kuala Lumpur!


The crowd went into a nostalgic mood and held hands while waving left to right.

Avril's with us, alright. Right here at Stadium Merdeka in our city, Kuala Lumpur! :D


The bestie Joyce and I had an amazing time yelling, screaming and jumping along to her songs!


Oh and guess what happened next?

Something that caught us by surprise!


Jim and Avril swapped places and he entertained us with a rendition of 'Pumped up Kicks' 

while Avril did the back-up vocals and guitars!


Now, that was refreshing 

He did a pretty good job as well 😀


She sang 'I Love You' next


It was the end of her concert…but the crowd was pushing for more!

After a thunderous encore and a roaring chant of a popular favorite 'Complicated', Avril ran back up onstage and made our wish come true.



She sang 'Complicated'. Her first ever single released from her debut album 'Let Go' from 2002!

Now that really brought us back down memory lane 


Someone gave her a bouquet of flowers onstage! 

Happy Valentines Day, Avril!


It was no wonder throngs of crowd started as early as 3 hours before the event!


I had a lovely time that evening


Thank you Tune Talk for bringing yet another amazing act! 🙂

Stay tuned for more international favorites throughout the year – think Jessie J and Avenged Sevenfold!


Better grab your tickets fast before it sells out like hotcakes! 


Avril Lavigne was simply brilliant.

A true talent with powerful vocals and fabulous showmanship!


Cheers to Tune Talk once again! Keep 'em coming