I had fun in back in Penang! Though it was an extremely short trip, I couldn't have made it longer due to commitments to University and work anyway 🙁 Sigh. Can't wait for the next holiday! Will promise to be back more often after being chided by my Penang buddies for not telling them I came home! 😛


Was too short a notice to announce anyway 🙁


So here's my whole day spent out in the streets of ol' Penang and being the mall rat I am, I dragged mom and kakak out to go shopping with me in Gurney Plaza! Gosh. It has been a whole 2 years since I last stepped foot there and noticed so many new retail as well as F&B outlets!



This post is brought to you by the fabulous PEN



As you all know, you've been seeing lotsa piccies from the Olympus PEN E-PL1 in all my posts as of late. But today, I'll be showing you the various Art Filters that comes in-built with my shutter side-kick in one post itself! So you can compare it easily 😀

All in a day's work 😀



At home in my cosy bedroom preparing to head out!

shot with Soft Focus on the Art Filter mode 😀



My messy colorful dressing table made so vibrant!

Shot with Pop Art on the Art Filter mode



Suddenly realized that it was my last day here in Penang! Nostalgia fills the air

Shot with Gentle Sephia on the Art Filter mode



And after dolling up, it was time to adjourn to Gurney Plaza with my ride.

Below are 3 piccies taken one after another with 3 different Art Filters.. check out the different moods you can do with the PEN!


Shot with Soft Focus on the Art Filter mode!

Tribal-ish blue Earrings by none other than Soak Republic 😀



Don't really like how I look in this piccie so I made it small 😛

Shot with Pinhole on the Art Filter mode!



Shot with Pop Art on the Art Filter mode!

Angel Wing gold ring + Tribal-ish blue earrings by Soak Republic 😀



Of course, the entire day wasn't just made of camwhoring – it's only when narcissism kicks in!

Here are some of the piccies shot from the car. You know I still shoot when I'm driving 😛



How ancient! You won't find this in the city KL 🙂

Shot with Gentle Sephia on the Art Filter mode!



Here are more piccies with the Gentle Sephia 🙂 Lovely. Ol' Penang's sometimes the best place to set that mood!


I used to take this road to college everyday back then 😀


An old skool barber shop where flocks of elderly people were once seen buzzing about in the mornings


Just found this nostalgic too 😀

Reminds me of my late grandpa. Uber love to the heavens above!



Need to digress! Narcissism finds its way to the camera again

Shot on iAuto mode, just the perfect exposure for car camwhores!



And we finally reached Gurney Plaza – shopping begins! I tried on so many shoes from Charles & Keith, Nose, Vincci and Aldo. Totally fell in love with a leather Oxford heels but it costed 469bucks. Oh good lord! 🙁 🙁 Ended up buying another pair of heels from Charles & Keith instead. Will be back for the Rockstar Wedges in Singapore!


Camwhoring in Topshop's fitting rooms


Shot on the iAuto mode, pumped up the Warm settings



Shot on iAuto mode with Warm settings pumped up again



After so much shopping, mom and I decided to chill at Winter Warmers for a cuppa tea and scones. LOL I suddenly felt so "English". Tea and scones hahaahaha. Anyhoozers, I had my pot of Chamomile + Lavender tea and mom had her butter & jam Scones


Shot with the Pinhole on Art Filter mode!

black + gold bangles by Soak Republic 😀



What a day of coincidence as I bumped into so many old buddies in Penang. Bumped into the godsis and her momma too, how nice of her to insist on a nice dinner together at Sushi King! Caught up on so much updates and latest ongoings in our lives


Shot with the Soft Focus on the Art Filter mode!


Rachel Tan + Jessica Tan with domokun in between

Shot with Soft Focus on the Art Filter mode!



Back at home, I showed mom how awesome the Olympus PEN E-PL1 was as it piqued her interest seeing me shoot with it the entire day. Just like everyone else, she was amazed at what it this lil smart camera can do! It can show emotion in times of sullen despair….


Tenkiu my award winning actress!

Shot with the Grainy Film on the Art Filter mode



Here are more piccies shot with the Grainy Film. If you know how to set the atmosphere well, this feature will certainly enhance it fabulously! Take this water tap of my bathtub for instance.


It somehow reminds me of Dark Waters already

a deserted bathroom of Hotel 626 can be scary shit 😀


Here's mom & I trying to take on the part of victims in a haunted house.. BUT ENDED UP LAUGHING SO MUCH!

Anyhow, you catch my drift. The Grainy Film is supposed to make things dead serious and a tad scary



The failed actresses is out to get you! 😛



Ohwell. All good things must come to an end. I'll be leaving in an hour's time back on the highway to the city Kay Elle. This short weekend back in Penang was a floodgate of memories and bittersweet moments. Till then, I better hit the road now… wanna be on time for Kelly Clarkson's 'All I Ever Wanted' concert tour tonight in Bukit Jalil!


Thanks to my shutter sidekick the Olympus PEN E-PL1 for capturing my greatest memories digitally!


Now.. don't you wanna get this versatile baby already? It costs approximately RM2.5K and works wonders!