One humid afternoon, I was invited to attend one of Standard Chartered's ICT competition roadshows actively ongoing at various universities. Guess which university I was at?

It's impossible to miss their booth as it was the brightest and decorated with giant cubes everywhere!


Giant stacks of Standard Chartered cubes and I!



The university I made my way to was none other than Taylor's University Lakeside Campus; the university that made me feel like a little lost lamb in a big city the moment I laid eyes on their state-of-the-art infrastructure and impressive campus environment. blush

Boy, I'd definitely like to study there if I was a student again!


Oh by the way, the deadline for the this ICT Competition has been extended! laugh

That gives you more time to come up with a brilliant, innovative business proposal, ey?


The Standard Chartered ICT Competition booth was so busy! devil

It was hustling and bustling with students chattering and jostling about.


Students enquiring more about the competition


Going to university, listening to the workshop and siminars, I feel like a student all over again.

Sitting in the lecture theater with the students, paying full attention to what the "lecturer" has to say. Ahhh… it feels all too familiar! angelangel


Students listening attentively to every minute details and tips for the ICT Competition


The afternoon featured pendrives to be given away, delicious finger food, mystery prizes, a board of representatives ready to answer any queries by students regarding the ICT competition, creative Instagram challenges/contests and a short seminar by a man of profound leadership and experience – Chief Information Officer of Standard Chartered Malaysia, Dato' Arif Siddiqui.


Dato' Arif Siddiqui imparting his knowledge, thoughts and sharing a light banter with the students


The students sure had quite a lot to learn from him about the banking industry and his innovative input about the competition. I would no doubt want to hear a few words from the man himself too, if I was one of the student participants. yes

Naturally commanding respect and held in high regard, it is no wonder his talk garnered a full-house attendance!


Okay, except the first row of seats of course. Being a student before, I know the drill.

You just don't sit at the front row lest you be called the teacher's pet haha! devil


After the workshop was over, the students, or Taylorians, as they call themselves, and I hung out around the booth outside the lecture hall.

We ate, we mingled we chit-chatted and of course, played with the cubes for the Instagram photo contest.


Students posing with the Standard Chartered ICT Competition cubes to win cute pendrives!


Hmmm… I think I can do better. enlightened

I gave it a thought and came up with a funny, creative pose. Why don't I just balance all the cubes on myself?


What do you think? Seven cubes altogether! cheeky


Which one of these makes you?


LOL some of the students even stopped in their tracks just to watch me do the balancing act.

But knowing me, I felt not the slightest tinge of embarrassment.

Haha! It's all in the name of good fun. Top that, mates cool



For more information about the Standard Chartered ICT Competition, you can:

Visit their official website at

Check out their Facebook page

Tweet them on Twitter at @sc_ict or look up the hashtag #scict


Hurry! Share your bright ideas and win cash prizes $$$

ALL THE BEST! Unleash the ICT innovator in you. cool