What's my favourite champagne of all-time?

None other than the ones by Moët and Chandon of course. I absolutely love its exquisite flavour & after-taste

And this year, they'll be bringing us something fun for Valentine's Day!


With an ultimate gesture of luxury, Moët and Chandon brings us the Rosé Impérial 'Tag Your Love' campaign.

This campaign is inspired by renown Swedish graffiti artist André, or Monsieur A, internationally acclaimed for his passionate graffiti about love

His signature cute and creative stick-figure doodle 



This year round, you can express your love on the bottle itself by creating your own masterpiece!

So, once you get your hands on that beauty of a bottle, you know what to do 

Here's your time to shine 


Go ahead, let your feelings take flight!

Knock yourself out : doodle on it, go all-out artsy fartsy on it or even just a personalized message with your signature with a specially crafted marker pen that comes with the delightful package!

Apart from the clever idea of it all,

how would it taste, you may ask?


Moët and Chandon Rosé Impérial will have the diversity and complementarity of the three grape varieties:

The intensity of the Pinot noir (40 to 50%, of which 10% red wine)

The roundness of the Pinot Meunier (30 to 40%, of which 10% red wine)

The elegance of the Chardonnay (10 to 20%). 




So, heads up!

This customisable Rosé Impérial bottle will be exclusively available at the Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial “Tag Your Love” showcase at Centre Court, Pavilion KL from 8th of February to the 14th of February 2012 only.

Hats off to Moët and Chandon for bringing us such a beautiful Valentines idea!


Perfect way to juggle love with creativity, uniqueness, glamour 

Toast to this year's season of love with the limited edition Moët and Chandon Rosé Impérial. I know I will!