Death by killer escalators has always been spoken about, especially after it has been incorporated into one of the scenes of Final Destination 4. To me, it's one of the most gruesome deaths ever and it would be likened to a meat grinder. No, seriously. You know how sharp the edges of an escalator platforms are?


Just like bloody blades of cold hard steel


Okay so this was what happened. I'm writing this with rage so I can't exactly be responsible towards my language. You have been forewarned!


As I was visiting my fockers back in the hometown, we decided to head down to Yik Foong Complex, Ipoh today to get my laptop fixed and to buy my CF card for my DSLR. We hardly ever go to that dodgy place but since it was dubbed the Low Yat Plaza of Ipoh where all the digital and photography stuff are, we decided to pay it a visit.



Uncle Mike and Mum accompanied me while I was searching for my DSLR's CF Card and extra Blackberry charger. Godmom and popoh (granny) went upstairs towards the computer store. After I was done, I called Godmom to find where she was so that we could meet up with her and Popoh.


She didn't pick up the phone even after so many rings, but we didn't suspect anything amiss.


In the end, we decided to go upstairs to look for them, but the escalator wasn't working! Goddamn it. -___- We had to walk up the escalator to get there. And when we arrived the 2nd floor, we found them standing directly beside the offending escalator looking rather flushed, quite alarmed and disturbed.



Godmom then told us the tragedy that befell them 5 minutes ago.



She was standing in fronta Popoh on that rusty, old and creaking escalator as they were going up to the 2nd floor. Heck, it was the only miserable escalator accessible to that level. All of a sudden, that motherfucking escalator halted to a stop and BEGAN TO ACCELERATE BACKWARDS FOR FUCKS SAKE!


Being a 75 year old woman, Popoh lost her balance and was almost flung backwards due to the sudden inertia. Godmom also toppled backwards but managed to stretch out her hand towards Popoh in dire attempts to prevent her from following headfirst towards the ground 20 feet below.


Which totally reminded me of the scene in Final Destination 4



But gravity and inertia had the upper hand in this near-death situation. Godmom also tried to save herself by holding onto the escalator railing for dear life with one hand and trying her best to hold on to Popoh with the other hand. My poor granny was shaken and couldn't support herself up when she slipped on that accelerating escalator.


They were going down in breakneck speed.


And that's when Godmum yelled "TOLONG!!" (Malay Language for 'HELPP!!')

Luck must be on our side when a Malay man dangerously ran up towards them and stopped Popoh before she fell down entirely – saving her life. Thankfully enough, the broken escalator stopped immediately before they ended up hitting rock-bottom


I could understand the immense fear that was going through their minds at that very point on the killer escalator



Thank God that my both my loved ones were saved. The irresponsible management better have some bloody good explanation for this lack of safety & maintainance. What if the Malay man didn't come rushing to save them? Popoh would have already tumbled down the escalator 20 feet below, either breaking her spine or cracking her skull (if not both) from the impact of the fatal fall.

And even if she didn't, a nasty fall that bad would have already robbed the life of a 75 year old woman with Arthritis. But Godmom would certainly not let that happen – she would have already sacrificed to the very maximum to pull Popoh back up. But what if Popoh's weight was more than Godmum could take? In that state of shock, panic and immense fear, your mind gets cockscrewed and you won't know what to do.



And Godmum would have succumbed to the force of gravity and the mass of my falling grandmother.

Enough for me to lose BOTH my loved ones if not landing them in hospital for serious injuries or profuse bleeding



If that happens, you motherfucking slackers of a management better pay for this. Do something to your faulty and murderous escalators for fucks sake! Get that into your puny lackadaisical minds – YOU. ALMOST. HAD. MY GRANDMOTHER.KILLED.



Remember loves, if this near-death incident can happen to us.. if can happen anywhere to you too. So please be careful and hold on to the railings should there be a mechanical error like our case.



Thank you Lord for protecting my granny and my Godmum today.

I simply cannot take another death in the family.