I have always wondered what the silver balls were for. It made sounds of chiming bells whenever shaken and I reckon they are for exercising our phalanx and metatarsus; our fingers and palm, in layman’s term. However nerdish you may think I was, or am, for that matter, I don’t give a rat’s arse about it. Education has always been a precious asset. Muahahahahaha. Speaking of which, I miss the old school days.

What on holy mother earth got me speaking of the silver balls in the first place? Oh, right. My grandaunt in shocking red was preoccupied with them, and still is, actually. Currently, on my immediate left are two red-packets and I’m dying to peer in to see how much is inside. *itch itch*

I will NOT, I repeat, NOT allow myself to down those CNY cookies placed openly in front of me. Let them be digested inside someone else’s stomach, anyone who doesn’t mind ending up obese.


Duty calls.


Now I have to go around wishing the visitors again. Cyall