For a change? haha.. Saturday night!

Where did I head to? The usual party scene?

Yep. But this time……..
with none other than my folks! XD

Surprising, no?
No. lawl.

That’s because we went for jalan-jalan the whole afternoon and some mamaking for supper. Which mamak? The one located at UPR. Haha. Mom & dad wanted to meet up some friends and some of mine asked me out to party on that night. So,
off we went to that UPR square, where it all happens!

Mom, Dad & I at Momo Terrace

I’m so proud I have parents like them.
(at times like these, of course . not 24-7)

So yeah, we ordered a few beers & of course, my tequila. =) Sippin’ it all while watching the live band perform..

MY PARENTS ARE COOL and I am blessed to have them.


Usual Saturday night out, met lotsa friends and my old friends too –

The last time I met you guys were at Jovan’s burfday party!
Speaking of which, Jovan Lim Mana u pi??!!
p.s- Doesn’t the cute guy on the left look a tad like Edison Chen? XD

It was kinda late into the night when mom, dad & I were still chilling. Kakak couldn’t help but to adjourn to slumberland in my car first =)

Sadly, there was a downpour and everyone scampered to their respective cars.

-potong stim-

Oh well, guess it’s time to go home then!