Now that the craze is on, I can’t wait for my Berry to arrive! Anyhoos, I was down at Republic, Sunway Pyramid to attend the Xberry party – the official launch of the Blackberry Curve 8520 by XPax, Celcom.

There were tweets about the Xberry party
being displayed on the LCD screen in real-time!

For that night only, that pretty Blackberry Curve 8520 was sold for RM 888 only! Together with Xpax’s package of course. But hey, don’t fret if you missed this chance because there’s another good bargain for RM 998 + a RM50 reload from now till 15th November 2009.


When I arrived, I headed down to our VVIP area for the free-flow of drinks. The party soon began with buddy Shawn Lee, as the human beatboxer to kick start the party!

If you’ve been following my blog,
you’ll know I mentioned him before!

Rin and I loves him THISSSSSSS MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Okay, you can’t see the gravity of the lurrrveee in the previous sentence but we were screaming our heads off during his performance

Putcha hands up for Shawn Lee!

After his booming performance, I got him to take a piccie with us. One for the road! You’ll go far in this musical career of yours – ya got us all to back you up buddy.

we *heart* him!

Next up came Joe Flizzow, our pioneer of local HipHop aka the Kanye West of Malaysia. He gave his usual energetic and upbeat performance with lotsa rap, breakbeats and breakdancers.

Kartello Hellllllloooooooooo!
During his performance, the other pals and I began camwhoring – attempting to get Joe in the background LOL

Funnyface-Thomas & I


Sweaty-Ken-who-made-me-retake-this-photo-101-times & I

agitated-because-we-were-sweating-tzia & I

Soon-to-be-unimates Julian & I

Bok my foodie & I | Erin ma babe &I
Joe’s not in the background again!
Okay, so we failed to get Joe in the background. But anyway, here he is still pumping the night away with HipHop yo! I can always remember him during the TooPhat days.

He drove the crowd wild with those familiar hiphop beats yo!
During his performance, I grabbed some dinner with a few others. The meal portion was so huge at Republic until Hong couldn’t even finish his pasta. That’s where I came in – but still unfinished after the 2 of us ate!

But KY finished his in a jiffy!

After dinner

Joe was still performing and I noticed something pretty darn interesting. I caught him scratching/digging/toying/adjusting/whatever down south during his performance!

Hmm.. that doesn’t look very nice

Next on the line-up was Arabyrd shaking her booty with her rap numbers and Lap Sap spinning the decks. But I was already inside Republic having some rad drinks with the rest already. Could hear then from inside though!

piccie credits to Joshua

Dancing, drinking and partying
what more could I say?
Jeremy’s back is all wet from the breakdancing!


With the ex-roomie
and a rare specimen behind us.

I then went our for a short breather and bumped into Shawn again. He yelled, “Jesssss!!! Come camwhore!” and there we go again!


Back inside, I was fascinated by the lighting inside Republic, as those dancing and flashing laser lights resembled splatters of Nickelodeon paint on the guests.


Let’s play some more!


Oh and… apparently I failed to get Joe in the background earlier on, yeah? But *cough* look who’s partying now? (Of all cameras, you just HAD to look at another person’s camera huh Joe?)


On a final note, I can’t wait for my berry to arrive! Ah sweeeeeeeeeeeeet πŸ™‚
1st thing I’ll do is to pimp it with black-red and bling it