The Malaysian International Gourmet Festival 2009 (MIGF 09) will be here throughout the month of October! Courtesy of Prince Hotel & Residencies, I received an exclusive media invitation for their Fashion, Food & Wine Review in Tai Zi Heen along with the rest of my fave foodies.


Prior to the event, we were privileged to have a short tour around Carven Ong’s boutique. He’s one of Malaysia’s best fashion designers – specializing in evening wear and wedding gowns.


I was enticed by the plethora of bright colours upon walking into his flagship outlet!
Yellow, green, orange, pink were seen abundantly in his color coordinated dresses.


I wasted no time in browsing through the ballgowns, while visualizing which one I’d look good or princess-ey in. Hmm… lemme see..

Reminds me of a fairytale wedding of Cinderella!

But one that suits me the most, considering the fact that reddish hues was my most preferred colors. But unfortunately, I was too shy to come outta the dressing room. Ohmy! I wouldn’t wanna come out and parade in it when I was actually just trying it on!


But Carven & his team were very friendly and accomodating. It’s always best to know that you’re around warm company for more proffesional advice whenever you’re choosing the right attire for your wedding/ball.

After all, he is THE wedding specialist!

There were also 2 chinese leggy models present for this event. They were strutting about in tight fitting cheongsams which complemented their svelte figure extremely well.

Double trouble!
Carven Ong specially designed those ‘Oriental Flower’ couture series for this event and it was portrayed beautifully by 2 chinese models.

Very intricately done outfits
if I have to say so myself

Speaking of outfits, check out the newly designed uniform of the hotel staff! Pleasant indeed. I like how Prince Hotel made the effort to befit their theme for the evening.


Oh here’s a really random photo. I don’t know why I look so stern and formal in the picture below but anyway, nice brown dress in my background ey? The cheong sam elements remained along with a burst of modernism.


Moving on to our other part of the Fashion, Food & Wine event for the evening was of course, where your tastebuds will take you.

Are your tummies ready to rumble?

For those not in the know, Tai Zi Heen is an award winning Chinese restaurant in Prince Hotel, and will once again, be part of the MIGF 09.


Tai Zi Heen will be presenting ‘A Hong Kong Encounter’ featuring Ricky Thein, their Chinese master chef ‘s sign
ature Cantonese cuisine delicacies.

Ricky did the peace sign during our camwhore!

With Andrew, the F&B manager
and Donald Pezar, the head chef!

Imma share my very own Hong Kong encounter with yall right now. Let’s begin with the quadruple dished appetizers


Clockwise from top :
Foie Gras Yam Puff

Shredded Beef with Dried Tangerine Peel
Wok-fried prawn with Asian Tomato and black sesame dressing
Steamed cod dumpling with crab meat glaze

My fave was the Foie Gras Yam Puff! Imagine, something so westernized met with the oriental Hong Kong style of yam combinations.

A duo of duckling and organic yin choy broths with sun-dried seafood, prawn and hairy gourd was next. The gourds was imported from Hong Kong itself! (Hairy too haha)


Anything with fish will definitely stir me up! Honey and soya baked salmon with fragrant crab roe, soya beans, broad beans, honshimeji mushrooms and wolf berry sauce came in next.


This was a real winner!

Impressive presentation, no? This dish was named the Citrus Marinated Lamb Rack Roasted With White Sesame Seeds, Wok-fried Baby Cabbage, Fresh Lily Bulbs and a Spicy Minted Plum Sauce


The next dish was Dan Mee With Soy-Braised Beef, Carrots, radish and leek topped with splash of red wine. I took d spoon and dunked all the wine into the noodles!


The desserts were a great fusion of Hong Kong cuisine as well. Fancy some Chocolate Whiskey Siew Mai, Vanilla Ice Cream With Fresh Mango Puree, Sago and Pomelo? Yum.

The chocolate whiskey!
Gosh.. a real craving

A wholesome dinner would not be complete without a glass of premium wine, yes? Like I previously mentioned, I fancy my meals topped of with a dash of wine.


To further enhance this Hong Kong Encounter, Pernod Ricard Malaysia introduced their fine selections of wine – Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz to complement Chef’ Ricky’s exquisite, festive menu.


For those who appreciate the finer things in life, this wine is for you! Tastes really good to the tastebuds. I bet all of us loved it to bits! From one to a group of more than ten, this fiesta really rocked out evening.

Wine isn’t meant to be drank alone!

With 2 of my fave foodies, Sid & Tocky

The motley crew!

All in all, with much gratitude to Prince Hotel, I can definitely say that their Fashion, Food & Wine event was a success. All the best to Chinese Chef Ricky! We enjoyed every morsel of your gastronomic escapade to Hong Kong.