Finally, I’m back to my lil corner! Been away for the weekend… sans the internet connection. That’s prolly why I haven’t been bloggin for 2 days already. And that’s uber long for me!

The rain never dampens my spirit

Well to share with yall why I went MIA for 2days, my family came down for the weekend to visit me. I know I may seem like a pretty urban and a waaaayy-out-there kinda girl, but the truth is that I actually do miss them. Heck, I haven’t seen their faces for almost 3 months now neither have I been in their warm embrace for the longest time.

It felt like eons.

We did what we always do, checked in a hotel in MidValley area, shopped, exchanged stories and chillaxed. I couldn’t remember the last time I actually felt that carefree… away from work, my blog, twitter and some other taxing day-to-day stuff.

It really feels so different with the love and company of your family. In my case… wacky and fun-loving family, if I may add.

correction : VERY wacky

It’s naturally an arduous task of getting grandpappy in a picture with me. He’ll get all bashful and would interrogate me with 1001 questions about what I’m going to do with the photo.

One of the rare occasions where I actually succeeded
in bribing him for a photo

I do realize that fooooooooood is one of the main priority whenever the folks come down. It’s like, I gotta starve myself for centuries just to prepare my tank during our food expeditions.

Chilly crabs!

Being me, I had some Jap food…especially Unagi. That’s eel in Japanese. Ducclebears is also a die-hard fan of Unagi and so is bestie Minny back in Penang.

There there… lil one.
Come to this bottomless pit

More sights and sounds await us. After almost 3 months in KL, I know most of the roads like the back of my hand now. Seriously, it was such a nightmare during my 1st week here. I kept getting lost especially at night, and even ended up all the way in Cheras and Batu Caves! OMG

Mom and I

We’d go to restaurants after restaurants to dine every other day.

Godmom and I

Aunt Queenie and Gramps

Mom, Aunt Queenie and an unidentified creature

Couzzie Shaun is often very allergic to my camera. For each time I shoot him, his eyes and facial expressions would develop an exothermic reaction and be temporarily disfigured like this :


Oh and I remember how my couzzies and I would always camwhore at the back of the car if Goddy was driving. We would just pose and pose non-stop to have our moments with the camera.

This was the most recent trip back home

Phew. So after an exhilarating weekend with the folks, they’ve returned home to prepare themselves for another working week.

And so have I..

Totally pooped out but I feel like asking….

p.s – I have great news to share but will only reveal it this Thursday!
I think some of you would already know
Any guesses? Hee